Metal Monday #208 ft. Barishi + Palinopsia @ Club Metronome

21+ $5 // 18+ $10

Barishi is making their mark in the New England music scene and beyond. Formed in 2010 as an instrumental three piece know as Atlatl they began writing songs influenced by fusion and progressive music. Their style quickly started getting heavier and darker while retaining some progressive influence, thus forging their own style of heavy psychedelic metal. In 2012 they found a wayward vocalist wandering the streets of Keene New Hampshire. Bringing him into the fold they found that his sound melded excellently with theirs. Thus, Barishi was born!

Earth shattering grooves combined with savage vocals completed the sound that could only be born in the verdant mountains of Southern Vermont. With their first full length record, Sky Burial on the way, Barishi is truly a force to be reckoned with. Prepare yourself to be pummeled and thunderstruck with ecstatic metal from the ancient hills of New England!


Palinopsia: Blackened doom metal from Vermont.