Mindful Flower Drawing Workshop

This workshop is for all levels and will cover the fundamentals of observational and mindful drawing.

It is about noticing and truly seeing the details to create a drawing of some cut flowers. This class will give anyone a jumping off point to be able to draw more frequently and with more confidence.

Please bring the following materials:
1. Sketchpad of your choice
2. Pencil of your choice
3. Art pen of your choice
4. An eraser.
If you need them to supply materials, please let them know in advance.
There are no rights or wrongs with what you pick for materials as they will all work, it is really what you think works best for you. A pencil sharpener and a collection of colored pencils will be provided. You are more than welcome to also bring a particular flower you have that you would like to draw.

Cost: $20. Use coupon code “STUDENT” at checkout for 25% off!

Danielle Pecor was born and raised in Vermont and has never left for very long. Ever since she was young, she has had a passion for art. She wanted to continue her art education in college while also learning the therapeutic aspects of art by studying

Danielle has worked in a variety of media, ranging from computer/digital art, crafts, painting, ceramics with a focus on drawing. Most of her work is based in her love of nature and organic shapes. Danielle believes that lines, colors and composition can make a piece feel and look alive. She is fascinated with all the small details that can make a picture whether it is abstract or a portrait. Even the smallest detail can complete a picture.
Danielle loves to see people break through their preconceived notions of their drawing ability and find that art is truly for everyone.