Mindful Living: Fall ’22


Mindful Living is an 8 week series for students who want to deeply connect, build skills for well-being, and explore mindfulness together. Mindfulness is essentially a practice of coming home again and again to the present moment with kindness and non-judgmental curiosity. Contrary to what you might have heard, mindfulness is not about clearing your mind or getting rid of thoughts. So if you think, “I can’t meditate because my mind is always running,” no need to worry! Meditation and mindfulness are about practicing awareness and acceptance towards ourselves, our thoughts, and strong emotions – not making them go away! This series is designed to support you to integrate mindfulness into your daily life in college and beyond. How each person practices mindfulness is different based on identity, life experiences, and what sparks your interest. So we will explore a variety of ways to practice, to find what works for you. All levels of experience are welcome! Open to undergraduate and graduate students. This series is the prerequisite for the Mindfulness Facilitator training that is offered in the spring semester. Spots are limited.

Runs Mondays, September 19th thru November 7th, 2022 from 2-3:30PM in Living Well

Registration is required, go.uvm.edu/mindful2022

The UVM mindfulness program affirms the inherent worth and dignity in all living beings. We welcome and celebrate people of every race, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, age, gender identity, body size, ability, religion, and citizenship status. And we are actively working to investigate bias and challenge racism and all forms of oppression.

Questions? Email [email protected]