Thursday evenings at Vermont Comedy Club are the STUFF OF LEGEND. A rotating, all-star cast of Vermont’s most talented nocturnal comedians are drawn to the flame of the stage lights, ready-and-willing to delight audiences (and devour Godzillas).

Each week, a special guest storyteller shares a few short anecdotes from their life, and improvisers spin these true stories into a silken web of spontaneous laughter and mirth.

It’s one of the hottest tickets at VCC, and every week it’s a different freewheeling, hilarious live show! Great for friends, family or date night. To miss it would be a TERROR!



YES, you must show proof of vaccination (and matching photo ID) to gain entry into all shows at VCC.

YES, you must wear a mask at VCC unless you are eating/drinking.

FEELING SICK? GOT A FEVER? PLEASE STAY HOME. Simply email [email protected] for a refund.

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