Murder Mystery Dinner Train

a revolver and handcuffs in a hollowed out book

Hitch a ride for homicide on board the Green Mountain Railroad! Enjoy a three-course gourmet dinner made fresh on board our kitchen car, while enjoying an interactive comedy at its very best. Upstage Productions has been writing and performing murder mystery dinner theater shows all over the country (and on many trains) since 1989. Visiting us all the way from Minnesota, this is an experience that you do not want to miss!

As the audience arrives they are assigned new identities for the evening;┬ásome of them becoming suspects in the crime, as the mystery unfolds, a murder occurs, and the audience must figure out ‘whodunnit’.


Kevin O’Brien, owner and creative director of Upstage Productions, has been performing his murder mystery dinner theater shows all over the country since 1989.
O’Brien and his actors are on the road year-round and have even performed at military bases as far away as Korea and Australia. Kevin’s troupe appears regularly at several wineries and dinner trains across the United States including on the North Shore Scenic Railroad in Minnesota and My Old Kentucky Dinner Train in Kentucky. Also, they have performed at the Governer’s Mansion in Missouri and for HBO in New York. He and his actors can be seen worldwide on Kevin’s television series, The Theater of the Word on EWTN. Kevin’s book An Actor Bows, about his life in show business, is a favorite among his fans.


There has been a murder on the Disoriented Express, and the best criminal minds have
been called in to help — Sherlock Holmes, Lieutenant Columbo, Charlie’s Angels and
Barney Fife from Mayberry. Will they solve the crime first, or will you?

August 9 & 10 – DR. WHO DUNNIT?>A time traveler solves histories greatest mysteries!

September 21 & 22 – MURDER AT BUNNY & CLYDE’S
Noted bootleg winemakers Bunny and Clyde have invited their closest friends and enemies to join them for an evening of interactive fun. Rumor has it that Clyde may meet his demise
during the course of the evening — and that the murderer could be the person
sitting beside you!

October 26 & 27 – SCARY POPPINS
Join us the weekend before Halloween for an unforgettable experience with Scary Poppins.
A spoonful of arsenic helps the cyanide go down.