UVM Gaming Guild’s Online Game Night

Calling all gamers!

Looking for a cool place to play some games on a Wednesday or Friday night? Join the UVM Gaming Guild for their online Game Nights!

All events take place on their Discord server. Anyone who wants to join our events will need to install and make an account for Discord. Anyone can join the Discord server by using this link: https://discord.gg/MaDmUc2

Here’s a list a list of their recurring online events:

Community Game Night! (Wednesdays 6-9pm & Fridays 8pm-12am): Skribbl.io, Jackbox, Zoom Spyfall and Mafia, and More! If you have ANY ideas for games, please let them know they’d love to hear your ideas.

Sunday Steam Sesh! (Sundays 2-5pm): They usually play some Tabletop Simulator and Don’t Starve Together together and yell at each other and stuff. Fun times.

Thanks! Have a cool day 🙂