Parallel Narratives: Tales of Transformation (Saturday Intensive)

Join railyardapothecary for this day-long intensive class taught by Vermont performing artist Trish Denton.

Through guided exercises and mindful facilitation, performing artist Trish Denton will introduce the group to the tradition of oral storytelling. Working from your own life stories as a starting point, they will draw from a variety of folktales, fairytales, pop culture, and mythology to craft empowering Parallel Narratives. Be prepared to listen, speak up, and experiment with elaboration through collaboration. The theme of this intensive workshop will be “transformation”.

​The autumn equinox is the season of the second harvest; a time of balance, of equal hours of light and dark, and a reminder that the cold weather isn’t far away. As the leaves begin to change, what Tale of Transformation will you tell?

Students, use coupon code “STUDENT” for 25% off!