UPB’s Virtual Pub Quiz

person holding a phone

Join other Catamounts for an evening of trivia and prizes. Form a team, compete, and claim your bragging rights! Whether you’re on campus or remote, this event is open to all students.


  1. Assemble your team. We recommend your group meets on Microsoft Teams so you can chat your answers together. You can also meet outside or in a common area if you can appropriately distance.  If you don’t have a team, you can join the ‘UPB team’ and meet with other ‘free agents’ (Great spot to make a new friend!).  No pre-registration or intro needed, just pop in to the teams chat during pub quiz here: go.uvm.edu/pubquizteam/
  2. Pull up the livestream on instagram. Follow along on instagram at @uvm_upb on your phone or a web browser.  Web browser is easiest if you’re meeting with your team virtually.
  3. Pick a person to Answer for your team.  This person will fill out the online answer form (go.uvm.edu/pubquizform) once your team has decided on an answer for each question. (This is also where you’ll put in your team name).
  4. Sit back and enjoy. Your UPB MC’s will lead a night of epic quizzing – all you have to do is play along.

Sound fun? UPB hosts a virtual pub quiz every Wednesday at 9pm on Instagram Live @uvm_upb. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out at [email protected].