Radio Bean Homecoming Ball

November 3rd ~ Radio Bean Community Homecoming Ball!

Attention anyone and everyone who’s ever worked, played, partied, frequented, danced on the bar, lived above/around, fallen in love at, or ever been associated with The Bean. YOU are invited to the Homecoming Ball!

They’re throwing a party, Friday, Nov 3rd, the night before the annual all-day Bean Birthday Bash, specifically for folks who probably haven’t seen each other in a long time and especially not altogether in the same place.

Often, over the years, these ‘deep hangs’ have happened as the result of weddings, band reunions, or memorial services, but this time it’s just for fun, friendship and (of course) some epic photos!

Legacy staff working behind the bar! Legacy bands! Legacy jams!

Drive up! Fly in! Walk over!

Musical acts performing:
Mickey Western
Eames Brother Band
DJ Taka

Please share with anyone who’d care. Thanks.