Replenish: Sexual Trauma Recovery Using Plant Medicine and Tarot

​”Everything, given time and nurturing, is moving towards balance and healing.” Lisa Thomas Adeyemo, Somatics & Trauma Program Coordinator, generative somatics

In our time together, we will continue to explore recovery/healing in regards to sexual trauma within the framework of the Tarot, the five elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and plants for healing. We will spend time exploring the specific suits of the Tarot as they relate to TCM, Tarot spreads and suggestions for ongoing work with the Tarot.

We will incorporate plants in a ritual and cultural context through honoring the origins of these traditions and plants. We will define “realistic” ways to bring herbs and tarot into our lives habitually for self love and healing while acknowledging you know best how to place herbs and tarot into practice.

This class is created for people of all genders and sexual orientations.

$20 in advance, $22 the day of. If you register online the day of, you will be asked for $2 at the door.