Restorative Breathing

In Restorative Breathing with Christine Germano, MS, LCMHC, gentle movement and breathing practices of Breath, Body, Mind are targeted to reduce the effects of stress and to enhance a sense of wellbeing. Breath, Body, Mind begins with a brief practice of guided gentle movement, and then transitions into a longer period of guided breathing exercises. The breathing practice involves intentionally adjusting your overall breathing rate to five breaths per minute, with a focus on breathing in and out for the same length of time (6 seconds in, 6 seconds out). The practice of guided breathing is the primary focus of this drop in session, upon which other practices such as body scans and guided meditation may be added. No special clothing is required for the movement portion of the session. No prior experience is needed. All movement and breathing practices are modifiable to meet individual comfort levels. Visit the Living Well studio for his relaxing class.