Slam Poetry with Porsche Nicole Kelly

Gather in the Grand Maple Ballroom for an evening of social justice through the use of spoken word and dialogue with Porsche Nicole Kelly.

Porsche Kelly, aka The Poetic Activist, is a motivational speaker and spoken word artist from Oakland, Ca. Her poetry is full of raw conviction, unapologetically spreading messages filled with a vital ingredient society tries to erase: truth. Whether social justice, God and the church, love, or her personal life, authenticity, transparency, and vulnerability are ever present with every word she writes and she continually pushes the importance of remaining true and genuine to oneself, despite popular opinion. She addresses mental health, all while unashamedly sharing the gospel that is the truth.

She seeks to not only use her own voice and art for self benefit but also to help raise up the next generation of artists to use theirs.


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