Social Justice Grounding Retreat: Application Period

The Social Justice Grounding Retreat: Building Roots in Compassion, Equity, and Justice occurs annually during the Spring semester. The retreat provides participants (undergraduate, graduate, staff and faculty) with an experience to dive deeper into the knowledge and skills around their own social identities and further define themselves as leaders of compassion, equity and justice in their communities. We believe “linking identity to interconnected manifestations of oppression illuminates how social locations (based on access to power and privilege with any socially constructed group) affect how people are treated on multiple levels” (Abes et al., 2019, p. 27). Participants will learn about systems of power, oppression, and white supremacy, and will engage in self-reflective activities that center furthering their understanding of their experiences with power, oppression and privilege in their community.

The Social Justice Grounding Retreat asks participants to consider these essential questions:

  1. What is the importance of compassion, equity and justice in activism and advocacy work?
  2. What social identities do I hold? 
  3. What do these identities mean to me? 
  4. How do my identities influence my view of my environment, the world? 

This year’s retreat will take place February 11-13, 2022, and our retreat is free to all attendees. Our participant retreat applications are open to all UVM undergraduate and graduate students, and Participant Applications are due December 6th, 2021 by 11:59pm. Applications can be found at