Tea Time

Live for the drama?

Come to Tea Time, a UVM Program Board event in the Grand Maple Ballroom on April 9th at 7:00 pm.

Tea Time is a cross between a talk show and a Dear Abby column, where the lovely UPB hosts will be discussing anonymously submitted tea from you, the students. Need advice on a messy situation? Wanting vindication that you were right? Interested in observing the chaos? This is definitely the event for you.

If you even needed more motivation, there will be free mugs and a decoration station, so you can jazz up your mug however you’d like.

Submit your tea at go.uvm.edu/dearkermit — and don’t worry, it’s anonymous.

Feeling brave or forgot to submit your tea ahead of time? Don’t worry about that either, because there will be mics in the audience for people to spill their tea in real time.

Sign up to attend in-person at tickets.uvm.edu.

Attending virtually? Go to our insta @uvm_upb to watch the event on instagram live.


Have questions or need accommodations? Don’t hesitate to reach out to UPB at [email protected]