Thank You, Next: The Best of the 2010’s Countdown

Thank You, Next: The Best of the 2010s Countdown @ Club Metronome
Saturday, December 28th
21+ Free
Hosted by DJ Svpply

Viewed up close, without the benefit of hindsight, the 2010’s has been a confusing decade for popular music. Hip Hop started to sound like EDM with Pitbull rapping over Nightcrawler’s House classic “Push The Feeling On,” Rihanna working with Calvin Harris and Beyonce collabing with Major Lazer. Then DJ Mustard stepped in and took the House music formula, slowed it down 20 BPMs, and put Tyga and Iggy Azaelia on it. Before you knew it your favorite 2000s rappers were gone and it was the Chainsmokers and David Guetta topping the charts.

Just when it seemed clear that fast, thumping EDM would be the defining sound of the decade, 16 year olds with face tattoos emerged from the depths of the internet with repetitive and wildly catchy lyrics muttered over some of the slowest, Atlanta-trap-influenced beats that the billboard charts had ever seen.

Bringing the distinct and contradicting sounds of the 2010s together into a cohesive night seems like a daunting task but if anyones up to it its DJ Svpply. Join us and find love in a hopeless place December 28th.