The Nightshade Festival

The Nightshade Festival is a natural expansion of the Nightshade Kitchen, a community arts and eating space located in the heart of downtown Burlington. The space’s mission is to curate food and entertainment sourced from local resources, only with the hard work of community members and artists. The festival will bring together over twelve local and touring acts on two different stages. Other attractions will abound from afternoon to sundown. All in all, it’s a day of good food, good music and good company. Come and enjoy yourself with your friends in a special place.

Featuring musical acts:
J Bengoy
Tall Horse
Guthrie Galileo
Cricket Blue
The Dead Shakers
Ellen Degenerates
Julia Caesar
Stace Brandt

+ a special late-night set with

+ more artists to be announced!

Also featuring:
An array of elaborate dishes from around the world, catered by the Nightshade Kitchen chefs and guests.


Sonic Steve’s Jammbulance

All-ages admission: $15 dollars, includes one meal
Other food, amenities and merch will be available for purchase.
Optional camping, bring your lodging materials! Please drive safe and consult a host for directions.

Additional info on the venue at