UVM Film Series: The Trial

There’s a wild, shaggy feeling to Welles’ adaptation of Franz Kafka’s great critique of bureaucratic purgatory. Shot on the fly and on the cheap in the rubble-strewn streets and abandoned buildings of post-World War II Europe, The Trialperfectly captures the spirit of a world in limbo. Anthony Perkins takes on the role of Josef K, the young man who’s told that he’s on trial, but for what and by whom, he’s never quite sure. Full of incredible images and offering a great performance by Welles himself, The Trial is perhaps the greatest adaptation of Kafka on screen.

The UVM Film Series is a partnership of UVM’s Lane Series, Film and Television Studies, and the Fleming Museum of Art. Memberships are $30 and provide you with admission to all four screenings and pre- and post-film discussions.