UVM Niggun Collective Singing Circle

Niggun singing is a participatory, communal singing practice rooted in Jewish musical tradition. A niggun is a wordless melody sung on nonsense syllables such as “ya da dai” or “la la la”. Immersing ourselves in creating melody and harmony without the barriers of words or sheet music is a meditative ritual that enables us to sink into a peaceful, joyful feeling and fosters a unique connective sense, with every participant contributing something vital to the music. This community is open to all, regardless of religious background or level of singing experience and confidence. All you need to bring is your voice and an openness to joy and trying something new.

As they build this community, they will strive to truly build a collective in which each individual participant is enabled to learn, teach, and lead new melodies from, to and for the group.

Please join in every Wednesday at 6:30 pm in Lafayette L102!