UVM Theatre and Dance presents Blue Window By Craig Lucas

A mirror for our times Blue Window takes place in five separate apartments in New York City in 1984 and invites us into the lives of seven humans in search of something. We meet each character as they are getting ready for a dinner party. The play’s title refers to an expansive blue sky visible through an open window. A blue sky is associated with trust, loyalty, confidence, bravery, and faith all of which can encourage us to take the leap to engage in life and with those around us. Ultimately, Blue Window asks what is it that holds us back and prevents us from moving forward with others in our lives, and what is it that makes us feel safe and open to new possibilities.

A long running Off-Broadway hit by the author of Reckless and God’s Heart. Before, during and after a Manhattan dinner party, the guests are revealed with touching comic irony as a cross-section of modern-day humanity. Love, loss, fear of commitment, and difficulty connecting runs through each character’s story. The colorful cast includes a narcissistic actor, a parachute instructor, an aspiring songwriter, a secretary, and a gay couple.

“What Blue Window suggests with the evasiveness of its party chatter and the chill of its most searing monologue is that people are unknowable, and life is made up of random pieces of a puzzle that don’t fit together the way we think they should.” – Newsday

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