Venetian Sips & Stories: Mark Waskow

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“Sips & Stories: Pioneers of Industry Share Their Journeys” invites you to a night where inspiration flows as freely as the craft cocktails at The Venetian Soda Lounge. Hosted by lounge owner and video producer Justin Bunnell Sips & Stories is nestled in the vibrant heart of Burlington’s South End Art District.

Join the Venetian Soda Lounge as they welcome a curated lineup of trailblazers from various industries—technology, art, music, culinary, and more—to share the untold tales behind their success, the challenges they’ve navigated, and the visions that drive them forward.

Each session promises a unique blend of enlightenment and entertainment, offering insights into the minds of those who dare to think differently. While savoring The Venetian’s signature handcrafted sodas, specialty cocktails, and hot franks, immerse yourself in the stories of innovation and perseverance that have shaped today’s cultural and business landscapes.

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