Yoni Steam Workshop

Vaginal steaming, or Yoni steaming, is experiencing a resurgence in popular culture, and for good reason. This healing modality can be powerful medicine when used correctly. It is also easily done at home.

Benefits of steaming can include healing painful periods, regulating the menstrual cycle, reducing symptoms from fibroids, cysts and endometriosis, reducing scar tissue post abdominal surgery or blocked Fallopian tubes, constipation, Uterine prolapse and more. Steaming is also a magical ritual to which intent can be brought to connect more deeply with your womb, the moon, and larger cycles of nature.

This is important medicine for Womyn in their childbearing years to have – though can also be beneficial to the grandmothers.

In this class you will discuss when (and when not to) steam, why and exactly how. If you choose to stay and experience a steam with the group, your cost will includes herbs though you will be asked to bring some items with you from home for your personal use. This class is for Womyn only. Any questions email [email protected]

Cost: $60 for information only, $75 for information and steaming. Use coupon code “STUDENT” at checkout for 25% off!