Making the Most of End-of-Year Sodexo Points

Making the Most of End-of-Year Sodexo Points

by Ruby LaBrusciano-Carris


Now that we’re running up on the last couple days of the school year, most of us have found ourselves at one extreme or the other with Sodexo points. On one hand are the faction of students which have scrupulously saved and scrounged all semester and are now having to deal with an abundance of points that won’t carry over to next year. On the other hand, a (most likely) much larger faction is struggling with the extreme shortage of points that is the product of midnight runs to the Marché and a few too many “splurge” meals here and there…. If you’re in either boat, I’ve compiled a list of some of UVM students’ favorite ways to either splurge or save in order to make it out smoothly at the end of the semester.



  • The Waterman Manor is one of the most fun ways to splurge your points at UVM. Although it is only open between the difficult weekday hours of 11-2pm, if you can make it there, the sit-down full service restaurant will be well worth your time.
  • Although we don’t usually think to go very far for breakfast, having breakfast at Brennan’s is one of the most satisfying and delicious ways to make the most of your well-saved points. Plus, it is served all day, so if breakfast-for-dinner is more your kind of thing, then go for it! Throw in one of their campus-famous milkshakes too…just for fun!
  • Clearly the best way to splurge those points though, is with an out-and-out ice cream fest at our very own on-campus Ben and Jerry’s. With their new flavors on the menu as of last month too, you definitely can’t go wrong with this option!



  • One of the best ways to save points is to make the hike over to one of the unlimited dining halls, where for a flat fee you’ll be able to eat as much food as you want. Bring homework, find a sunny side table, and make an afternoon of it—maybe you can get two meals for one!
  • Another great way to save is to buy whole food instead of pre-made or pre-packaged. At the Marché, for example, you can get a whole tub of yogurt for 5.99, or a block of cheese for only 2.99. You can even get ramen!
  • In almost all of the dining locations on campus, you can find various kinds of soup, which is also usually one of the most nutritious and cheapest options available. Although the winter is (thankfully) behind us, don’t give up on soup yet—it may be just what you need to get you through finals without starving!


Also—never forget to check the BORED calendar, there are always tons of events that offer free food! Happy munching!