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As you head into life at UVM, it can be hard to keep tabs on everything.  From events to deadlines, adviser appointments, registration dates, COVID tests, and all the ‘stuff’ in between.  Luckily, there’s some apps for that.

From must-have’s to mandatory – let us help you break down your ‘Must Have’ technological solutions, why you should download them, and how they’ll help you be the UVM rock-star you were born to be. Here’s the nine most important ones to get you started –


College is complicated. You know it. We know it. UVM knows it.  So they launched UVM Navigate – an app designed with the sole purpose to help you stay on track at UVM. Think of it as your own personal digital academic advisor that’s available anytime from anywhere helping you navigate life at UVM from your first steps at orientation all the way through your epic (and well deserved) graduation. Helpful, right?

By downloading the UVM Navigate you’ll be able to more easily explore majors and careers and discover all kinds of campus resources – from tutoring to ways to get involved on campus.  It will even sync your classes and dates to your calendar – automatically giving you reminders about upcoming tasks, deadlines (never miss a FASFA deadline again!), and important dates. All so you can spend less time fretting over all your to-do’s and focus more on being the most successful college student you can be.

Downloads: iOS   |  Android  |  Desktop


Your digital app for all (well..most) things COVID.  This app bundles a lot of the health processes we’re required to do to ensure our campus community is safe, including easily allowing you report any COVID-related systems you might be experiencing, book a time to get a COVID test in the Davis Center, and get up-to-date notifications with your test results as soon as their ready – all in one single spot.  It’s even got quick-links to all the UVM resources and guides to help you access information around navigating your health while on-campus.

While all vaccinated students aren’t require to test weekly after they get their Day 0 test, you still can (and are encouraged to) test yourself anytime for peace of mind. Because you MUST book to your COVID-test time before-hand, it’s not a bad idea to have this app waiting and ready just in case.

Downloads: iOS   |  Android  | Desktop

BITE University

Digital Din-din, thanks to UVM Dining.  The BITE University App lets you check the hours and menus for UVM’s dining halls, delis, and ice cream shops from the comfort of your room, class, or study nook (PJs and comfy socks optional).  Place an order for pick-up at all your favorite on-campus food spots provide contact-less payment so you can be in-and-out in no time. No Lines. No Fuss. No hassle.

You can connect your meal points with this app, or if you don’t have a meal plan, connect a card to easily pay on your way.

Pro Tip: Be sure to select the right app in the app store – the University version of this app has the little U next to the icon. Once you select “Robinson Hall” you’ll be able to see all the UVM options (other local colleges use the same system – so you have to opt into UVM first).

Downloads: iOS   |  Android  |  Learn More about the Bite App

the bite u logo


Think of this app as the Blue Light system…right in your pocket!  Through LiveSafe, you’ll be able to receive up-to-date safety information from the Office of Emergency Management (like a CATAlert), read up on what to do in an emergency, request help when you need it, and engage in a number of safety features to ensure you feel safe and comfortable when navigating campus – like the ‘safe walk’ feature, which lets you identify up to three people to digitally accompany you on a walk in real time in the event you’re navigating campus alone.

Pro-Tip: If you need help downloading the app, OEM has a quick step-by-step guide you can use. Once downloaded, you have to search and select UVM to complete your set-up.

Download: iOS  |  Android  |  Text me a Link.

the livesafe logo in a muted blue

Microsoft Teams

If you’ve been around the block at UVM you’re probably mightily familiar with the desktop or web version Microsoft Teams (and if you’re not…you’re about to be). This app is how most remote instruction and video conferencing happens at UVM, an all-in-one destination for accessing classes, meeting with folks digitally, and chatting with your fellow catamounts.

You’ve probably (hopefully?) downloaded the desktop app for Teams – but we also recommend downloading the mobile app too. Having the mobile app ensures you can chat on the go – and that you’ll have a solid back-up for class if your computer is on the fritz. And you can use it for your own stuff too – create a club team, chat with you friends, manage your calendar, and maybe even use it to clock in/out of various campus jobs (if they use it).

Pro-Tip: Log-in with your UVM email address to connect it to your account – no need to create a new account!

Download: iOS  |  Android  |  Desktop.

the microsoft teams logo


UVM uses this app to cover event essentials – from Admitted Student Visit Days and Orientation to Parents & Family Weekend and beyond.  Once you download the app you can choose the ‘guides’ that most interest you. Looking for the Orientation schedule? Download the orientation guide.  Want to find out what’s happening during UVM Welcome – or events throughout the year? Download the Student Life guide (we’re in this one). Want to sign up for a cooking class in the Discovery Kitchen? The Dining guide has you covered. The list goes on and on.

Each guide features customizable schedules, campus maps, FAQs and other tips, tools, and resources to help you navigate key programs. You can even use the UVM Compass to meet people, share photos and connect on social media and more.

Downloads: iOS   |  Android


We all chose UVM to land ourselves an awesome job – right (right?!)? Luckily you can get a little Career Center help with Handshake – a college-to-career network of students, alums, and employers that spans the nation.  By downloading the handshake app, you can pick (or update) your interest group(s) to get personalized job and internship recommendations, discover and register for local career events, schedule appointments with career counselors, request an online resume or cover letter review and navigate career fairs to locate the employers you’re most interested in.

Downloads: iOS   |  Android

the handshake logo in purple and yellow


Freedom is just a CatCard away – your student grants you free trips on all city buses.  But while getting on (and ‘paying’ for) is easy – sometimes reading the bus schedule is NOT.  In steps the Transit app, to make navigating Burlington’s various color routes a cinch.  Plug in your destination and the app will figure out the closest route to you, tell you how to get there, and tell you how many minutes until the bus gets to the stop. You can see the bus location live on a map and even favorite your most-frequently used routes.

This app also will give you a shout if there’s an interruption to your route (clutch during those epic snowstorms), and even will give you an ETA on times for local rideshare like Uber and Lyft – and lets you book them in-app. Couldn’t be any easier than that.

Pro-Tip: The Transit app is also used 175 metropolitan areas around the world.  When you’re planning a trip (or figuring out your study abroad plans) – check to see if where you’re going uses this app. It could make using public transportation in a new city super simple!

Downloads: iOS   |  Android

screenshot of a bus line


Tired of standing out in the summer rain or winter freeze waiting for a faint glimmer that that Campus Area Transportation Shuttle (CATS) is just around the bend?  Wait in the elements no more – UVM’s TransLoc Rider lets you see the real-time location of all our campus busses and the routes that they take – as well as any notifications that might impact your ride.

For super-users, the Transloc service can also text you real-time updates about when the next shuttle will arrive; so you can spend more time hanging out, eating, or studying, and less time worried about when the next shuttle is swinging by.   Super helpful for those dimly lit 0° February days.

Downloads: iOS   |  Android  |  Desktop

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