The Best Nap Spots on Campus

No matter what part you are in, in your college career, you should have already learned by now that naps are the key to success.  We here at BORED understand the importance of naps and therefore, have compiled some tips and tricks for successful naps on campus. We also have included a list of the best of the best nap locations on campus.

To begin, you need to learn a little bit about the perfect nap.
Let’s start with how to prepare for your nap:


1. Block out all surroundings

You can do this in many different forms.  One that always works and is somewhat enjoyable is plugging in.  Put in your headphones with soft music. This is no time for the number one song on the top 50 most viral songs.  Try some old school Bon Iver, or your favorite relaxing playlist on Spotify or Pandora.

Meditation is another simple way to block out your surroundings – and UVM has a ton of resources around mindful meditation.  It may be hard at first, but once you got a hang of the basics, it gets a lot easier and meditation will just be second nature.

If I learned one thing in my 1 credit yoga class, it was that breathing is very often over looked when you are always on the go.  Follow this breathing pattern to see just how much of an effect the way you breathe has on relaxing.


2. Set an alarm

Just make sure you don’t press snooze! You don’t wanna miss your next class!

Here’s a list of nap lengths to suit your needs:

  1.     20 minutes or less – The Cat Nap
    • Helps with Energy and alertness 
  2.     35-60 minutes – The Snooze
    • Helps with Energy, alertness and mind clearing 
  3.     60-75 minutes – The Commitment
    •  Helps with Energy, alertness, mind clearing, creativity boost 
  4.     90 minutes – The Slumber
    • The “perfect” nap
    • Mimics the balance of stages you get during nocturnal sleep


3. Get comfortable

  1.  Wear soft, loose clothing.  For example a groutfit (don’t know what that
    is? Here’s an example and another one) 
  2. Sweatshirts can serve as pillows! Or you can just get one of these cool contraptions.


4. Find your spot.

And now, the most important factor… location.  There are plenty of spots all over campus that are the perfect location for napping.  Here are some of our personal favorites:

  • 3rd floor of Old Mill
    • The comfy chairs under the windows on the 3rd floor are a great option for taking a perfect cat nap.  Just make sure you go between classes or after classes end because this floor is filled with offices and classrooms.  The daytime traffic of the hallways may disrupt your naptime.
  • 4th floor of the Davis Center
    • This spot is a gem.  The fourth floor of the Davis Center is quiet and equipped with a ton of comfy chairs. The fireplace is the perfect spot to keep a little toasty in the chilly fall days and cold winter nights.
  • 3rd floor of the library
    • If you have a tendency to snore, this might not be your cup of tea.  However, if you enjoy complete silence for your naps then this will be the place where your naps will flourish.  Make sure you have a good wake up reflex or vibrating alarm though because you can hear a pin drop from across the room here.
  • Comfy chairs on the first floor of the DC
    • Although this is a pretty populated place, it is the perfect place for those who like to have a little background white noise while they nap.  There is a fireplace you can sit by and magazines you can read if you want some light reading.
  • Living Well Relaxation room
    • If you’re the type that can fall asleep while watching Netflix while sitting in a massage chair then this is the place for you.  Call ahead to reserve a 15 minute slot 802-656-0441
    • If you are feeling like you need to add a little extra spice to your nap time, you can book a free massage at Living Well and have a sweet slumber while getting a massage.
  • Living/Learning Second Floor Fireplace Lounge
    • If you’re on Athletic campus, or just treated yourself to a big crepe from Skinny Pancake and you need a nap, then the Fireplace Lounge on the second floor of Living/Learning is quick and convenient.  There are some nice full couches that are perfect for you to catch some z’s on.