Best Study Spots on UVM Campus

*crunch crunch crunch* Hmm, what a familiar sound… maybe it’s the sound of your study habits??? #badjokes5ever

Not to worry, Cats, UVM BORED feels you, and we’re here to help. As finals week creeps up and you’re lookin’ for some solid study space – we’ve done the hard work of compiling a list of some of the best spaces for you to crunch away.


Bailey-Howe Library

be quiet in the library

Alright. Let’s lead with a classic. Predictable, yes, but good nonetheless. Here’s a quick floor-by-floor breakdown to guide you, based on your needs: 

lib3window lib3windowsadface

    • 1st floor: great for group-crying and coffee binging, because you don’t really have to be quiet and the cyber cafe is right around the corner. Find the Cyber Cafe’s hours here!
    • 2nd floor: the semi-pro arena. You’re serious enough to distance yourself from the hodge-podge of the first floor but you’re also giving yourself the freedom to be able to open up a bag of study-break chips. Find a cubicle desk, a table among the bookshelves or a comfy chair in one of the corners to set up camp.
    • 3rd floor: The hard-core studiers’ home turf. Snag a desk or table by the windows and gaze upon the humans below, enjoying their freedom.


Nooks & Crannies in Old Mill

nook2            oldmill

UVM’s signature building is sprinkled with couches and chairs in little alcoves. Come here to channel the spirits of higher education into your studying! The nooks are all usually pretty quiet because it’s mostly faculty offices.


    • 3rd floor: has the John Dewey Lounge, great if studying under stained glass is your thing, as well as a particularly nice little corner with some cozy chairs, couches, and coffee tables.
    • 5th floor: has 2 spots with a nice little circular window looking over the University Green and Lake Champlain
    • Between the Old Mill Annex and Lafayette (top floor): there are a couple of comfy chairs next to a bookshelf.



Henderson’s Cafe

anwyn studying at hendersons

Treat yourself! Cozy up next to the fireplace with a cup of Maple Madness and a baked good. #nomnom


Top Floor of Williams

[I don’t have a picture of this one because I couldn’t muster up the courage to climb all those stairs. Just trust me on this one]

Sneak in a quick workout on the way to your study session when you head to the top floor of Williams, home of the anthropology department. There are couches waiting for you up there!


The Aiken Center Solarium

studying in the solarium

Let the sound of trickling water and the sight of green things give you life through these hard times!


Living and Learning Fireplace Lounge 

L and L fireplace lounge

Skinny Pancake is just downstairs for when you need to reward yourself.


In a tree on Central or Athletic

treeesin-a-trewWhen being a human student gets too hard, channel your inner squirrel. There are some seriously nice trees that you can escape up!

((Ever heard a tree talking? It was me, practicing my for my Chinese speaking test!!! Just kidding//I’m not going to admit to this because it’s probably against the rules))


Billings Apse

Billings Apse

Whether you’re on the bottom or top level, the apse is a gorgeous place to hole yourself up and get your studying done in. Also a great spot for a artsy panorama insta with a #stuDYING caption

In the corner of the UVM Bookstore

bookstore There’s a secret little UVM-themed nook that you can sit in if you need to force-feed yourself catamount pride to get through finals. Just kidding you probably shouldn’t study here; I just really wanted to put this picture on the internet!!







Comfy chairs outside SGA

SGA comfy chairs study spot

If you can snag them, these chairs are prime study real estate – coffee, ice cream and pancakes are all available in the same building, and the windows face the lake, providing an excellent view of the sunset!


Don’t forget to stay updated on our calendar for when you need to take a break and do something fun.

Did you read through this and think “BEEN THERE DONE THAT & WHOEVER WROTE THIS IS SUCH A NEWBIE”? If so, please don’t hesitate to comment with your suggestions!