a student working in a lab
Rasul Mustafa, a first year Chemistry graduate student, finds a quiet spot in one of the Chem labs to participate in an online lecture. Discovery Hall. 10/16/20 Photo By Bear Cieri

This fall semester has gone by both epically fast – and tragically slow.  A global pandemic really shows you that time is a social construct – and yet here we are. It’s ‘time’ to dust off that ol’ schedule of courses, fire up your degree audit, start getting chummy with Coursicle, and (hopefully) scheduling time to meet with your academic advisor.

Pro tip: if you haven’t done that last step, swing through your myUVM portal, your current advisor appears on under the Advising tab.

Between navigating what you HAVE to take and what you WANT to take – it sometimes can be hard to figure out your upcoming UVM-life the wide world of course offerings.  If you need a little advice before you set that alarm and register for classes? Let us help.  Here are a few courses we’ve taken, hope to take, or just plain sound fun:

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CDAE 157 – Consumer Law & Policy

3 Credits;Prerequisites: ENGS 001, ENGS 057, CDAE 024, or CDAE 061; Sophomore standing.

This class showed me just how ignorant I was to every contract I’ve ever entered. Heck, this class showed me what a contract technically was and how MANY I’ve entered. This class is mostly discussion based, which means participation is pretty necessary. I enjoyed how engaged this aspect of the class is, it forced me to pay attention and form my own opinions. I would recommend this class to anyone who just wants to become a less naïve citizen. Life can try and take advantage of you, but this class will help prepare you. The catch is…it doesn’t look like this course is offered for spring 2021 – but if it sounds like a good fit for you, now’s the time to start on those pre-reqs.

SPCH 011 – Effective Speaking

3 Credits; Multiple options (MWF + TTH); In-Person and Online Options  

As someone who considers themself a good public speaker I was pretty frustrated that I had to take this class. Now that we are more than half way through the semester I now understand how important this class truly is. I have noticed a huge difference in my orality as well as my comfort level in front of crowds. What I most appreciate about this class is the introduction to public speaking over an online platform. There are tips and tricks that may seems intuitive, but take practice to get comfortable with. I recommend taking this class if you have a difficult time presenting yourself through the computer screen.


ASCI 001 – Introductory Animal Sciences

3 Credits; T/TR, 8:30-9:45 am , W 7-8pm + weekly labs; 

Well, as a freshman I don’t have a lot of courses under my belt. However, I can tell you about my favorite class from this semester: ASC 001 with Dr. Townson. It was a required course for me, but I would highly recommend this course to anyone that loves animals, wants to know more about different fields and careers in animal world, or anyone that wants to make visits to the Miller Farm to see the adorable baby cows. In the class you will get an insight on how animals and humans impact each other’s health, safety, and wellbeing. The class is made up of lots of guest lectures, a few quizzes and tests, and labs. The class is fun gives a great introduction to anything animal related.

PEAC 044 – Restorative Yoga

1 Credit; F 8-9:40am/10-11:40am

If you want a relaxing yoga class that refreshes your week, I recommend talking this class. I look forward to having this class at the end of each week. The class is made up of a body scan, a 5-minute reflection journal entry, and different long lasting yoga positions using pillows, blankets, and blocks. The class focuses on unwinding and the relief of tensions in your body and life. This class is amazing if you just want to start the day off right and/or destress from all those assignments and tests you had earlier in the week.

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ARTS 012 – Perspectives on Art Making

3 Credits; Various Sections – MW + TTH

If you have the time in your schedule it can never hurt to round it out with an art class, Perspectives on Art Making is one course that gives you an introduction to all types of mediums for making art and serves as a good class to get your mind off some of the more challenging courses you might be taking.

ENGR 002 – Graphical Communications

2 Credits; 2 Sections – T 6-9PM & TBD

One of my all time favorite classes might be Graphical Communications. It is an introductory engineering class that teaches you how to design and create “parts” in two different CAD softwares, Solidworks and AutoCAD. What makes it such a good class is the structure for how it teaches your almost strictly through practice and I often time found myself looking forward to working on future assignments.



We asked our followers on instagram what their favorite classes were. Here’s a some of their picks:

  • ANTH 021: Cultural Anthropology w/ Jonah Steinberg
  • BIOL 209: Field Zoology
  • ENGS 111: with Professor Huh
  • ENVS 001: Intro to Environmental Studies
  • GSWS 001: Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies
  • HCOL 086: Gender, Sexuality, & Medicine with Mary Burke
  • MATH 015: Elementary School Math
  • MMG 001: Microbiology and Molecular Genetics – First Year Colloquium
  • MMG 002:Unseen Worlds: Microbes & You
  • MU 105: History of Jazz with Ray Vega
  • NFS 43: Fundamentals of Nutrition
  • Philosophy (Various)
  • POLS 121: Law and Politics with Lisa Holmes
  • PSS 196: Beekeeping
  • PSYS 150: Development of Psych: Childhood
  • PSYS 170: Abnormal Psychology
  • SOC 121: Sociology of Disaster with Fothergill

Have a fav you want to add to the list? Let us know at [email protected], DM us on instagram at @uvmbored, or drop it in the comment section below!