Catamounts Choose Courses: FALL 2022

It’s hard to believe it, but with just 5 weeks left of spring semester, it’s about time for everyone’s favorite sleep-depriving day: course registration! Shake off the spring semester blues, pull up the schedule of courses, have your degree audit and Coursicle ready and meet with your advisor (which you can do by logging into your myUVM portal and heading to the Advising tab).

With all of the courses offered for the Fall 2022, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with what you NEED and what you WANT to take. If you need a little help deciding what courses to take this upcoming semester, let the BORED team help.  Here are a few courses we’ve taken, hope to take, or just plain sound fun:


ASCI 006- Companion Animal Care and Mgmt.

3 credits; Online Course

I added this class to my schedule on a whim when my advisor said that I had room. There was only one spot left when I registered for the class and I’m so glad I got it! This course is an asynchronous, online course which is super convenient for opening up your schedule and being able to work at your own pace. The course material focuses on two animals: cats and dogs, and roughly half of the course is spent on each animal. This class had obvious benefits for me as an Animal Science major, but it’s a great course for anyone who just wants to understand their pets a little more. Krista Jones is an organized and accommodating professor who I hope to take courses with in the future. All in all, this was definitely my favorite class of the fall semester.

MUL 033- Private Lessons: Music

1-2 credits (option for half-hour/hour lesson per week); No major/minor restriction

For me, tacking this course onto my already-17-credit schedule was all about fostering my interests outside of my major and minor, which both pertain to STEM. Before I came to school, I was heavily involved in singing and it was hard to find a place where I could sing in a dorm with hundreds of kids (without being a jerk anyways). Discovering music lessons here allowed me to get that break that I needed between all my science courses and continue my music education. I take vocal lessons, but there are also a variety of teachers for all kinds of instruments, too. My teacher, Rachel, is so kind and comfortable to be around, and I look forward to my lesson at the end of every week.


DNCE 060- Movement and Improvisation

3 credits; In person (No major/ minor restriction)

DNCE 060 is taught by one of the most charismatic and passionate teachers that I have had here at UVM. Millie Heckler is new at UVM and is a visiting artist that specializes in contemporary, street dance forms, and improvisation. I took her class because wanted to push myself outside my comfort zone and it was something fun. The class has a lot of group interactions and team work, so there is of trust and comfort while being in the class. The class is considered a playground, where you can explore and play with different movement, ideas, and sounds. I went into this class thinking it was going to be one thing and came out with having a new understanding of dance. It was truly a highlight of my day and I recommend anyone, literally anyone to take this class!

CDAE 002- World Food, Population, and Development

3 credits; in person; (No major/ minor restriction) D2/SU

Welcome to the largest UVM course has to offer! This class is taught by Dr. Daniel Tobin and he doesn’t disappoint when teaching this class. I took this class Fall 2021 and found it is one of the most informative classes I have taken. It opened my eyes and made me learn about topics that influence development, the world, sustainability, and agriculture. Some topics from that class you can expect to learn about is the Green Revolution, Corporate Consolidations, Seeds, Soil, and Social Movements. The class is very much lecture based with a good chunk of discussion, so participating in class is encouraged (by me). There are two exams for the class and weekly short participation assignments after each class, but they are a great way to reflect and see what you learned. Highly recommend this class, it is definitely worth it!

Alex N.

ENGR 002 – Graphical Communication

2 credits; in person

This class is a requirement for all engineers coming into UVM. However it is also so much more than that, this class was one that really felt like I was accomplishing something as I completed each assignment. Graphical Communications is a basic introduction to CAD, computer aided design, class. It is taught where you always have plenty of stuff to do yet the work is sort of fun so you don’t mind it. I would say that this class is specifically made for people who like to solve puzzles. It covers two widely used programs, AutoCAD and Solidworks, and Victor Rossi the professor will guide you through so that you feel like a pro!

ASTR 005 – Exploring the  Cosmos

3 credits; in person

This is a class I haven’t taken. I don’t even know anybody who has taken it before. But I can say that while scrolling through the course catalogue this one caught my interest. I am a firm believer that everybody should fit one class that they are just all around interested in into their schedule. And having taken an astronomy class in high school I see this being a hidden gem in the vast list of more classes than you can count. This class has both in class learning but what got me the most excited was that part of the curriculum includes going outside to observe the night sky. I know what your saying “Alex, I can just go outside” but do you have a seasoned pro with you to point out whats what. I didn’t think so. Not only is this an interesting sounding class but lets face it. On the next date you go on, you can actually point out the stars, and not be making them up.


BSAD 295- Name, Image, Likeness

3 credits; in person  Junior standing, BSAD 150 required prereq)

A new class being offered for the first time at UVM is Name, Image, and Likeness. BSAD 295 is an advanced course that focuses on the new ruling of Name, Image, and Likeness in the NCAA. The only prerequisite is BSAD 150 you must be of minimum junior standing and a BSAD major or minor. The class is offered on Tuesday’s 4:35 pm-7:35 pm in Ifshin Hall 240. More about NIL is that they are the three components of a person’s “right of publicity”. This is very new to the sports world considering the NCAA created this new policy as of July 1st, 2021, allowing more than 480,00 athletes to monetize their name, image, and likeness. This dramatic shift in college sports has created many opportunities for athletes and businesses. Considering NIL is so new there are many ways to capitalize on the policy and if you have any interest in working in sports this seems like a very fitting class to become well-versed in NIL.


BSAD 235- Entrepreneurial Family Firms

3 credits; in person (Junior standing, BSAD 120 prereq)

Another class offered in GSB that is recommended is Entrepreneurial Family Firms with Professor Sharma. The prerequisites for this class are BSAD 120. You must be of minimum junior standing; BSAD, EGMT majors, and BSAD minors. This class is offered 12-3 pm on Wednesdays. Taking this class last fall was so beneficial for someone with a theme in entrepreneurship. It was a great way to meet people that were interested in family business or had a family business of their own. I was able to grow my network and create new relationships with many entrepreneurs. This may be a three-hour course once a week and that can seem daunting, but Professor Sharma is a great professor that truly cares about her students and their learning experience. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in entrepreneurship and or family business.