Going to the Slopes 101

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The following blog post was written by Michelle Ramirez and Zoe Rogers from Bolton Valley.

We know the thought of skiing or snowboarding for the first time can be overwhelming. Especially in an area where so many of your peers seem to have mastered the craft! We are here to put your fears to rest! There are so many people learning to ski and snowboard every day. Just remember you are not alone! 

With that in mind, we are here to give you some tips and tricks on how to make the most of skiing/snowboarding!! There are a ton of ways to learn to ride, save money, and make new friends! So without further ado….

Before You Go:

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1. Get Your Ticket

Order your ticket online to save time and money. For Bolton, you can get your tickets here! If you’re a first time rider, you will also need to purchase a $5 RFID pass in order to get onto the lifts (You can use this same card to reload future tickets).

2. Reserve rentals.

Want to make sure that you will be able to get equipment when you get to the slopes? Reserving rentals is the best way to do that! You can do that directly through Bolton for daily rentals! They also offer season-long equipment leases here.

3. Book a lesson!

If you’re a first time rider this is the BEST way to get comfortable with your abilities and ensure you don’t get hurt!

4. Pack Your Own Food! 

We know that you might get hungry on the slopes and one of the best ways to save money is to pack your own food! Here are some favorites; for snacks, pack granola/protein bars, fruit, and chips! For lunch, any sandwich of your choice, mac ‘n’ cheese or pasta in a thermos, or deli meat with crackers are great and easy options. If you don’t want to make lunch, you can also stop somewhere on your way to the mountain! 

Time to Hit the Slopes:

person snowboarding down a mountain

1. Layer Up

While getting dressed, make sure to pack enough base layers and clothes to be warm. Remember, “YOU CAN ALWAYS TAKE OFF A LAYER, BUT YOU CAN’T PUT ON A LAYER YOU DON’T HAVE!” It’s always better to bring more than you think you need. For extra layering tips, check our Layering 101 blog!

2. VT Snow Reports

Don’t know whether the powda will be powdaing? Wanna know a little secrete? Come here. Come closer. Okay, you can see how much snow and powder there is at different spots every day using this website! Additionally, if you click on the snow report for a certain resort, it will take you to their page and tell you which trails and lifts are currently open (click here for Bolton’s)!

3. Go with Friends

Find likewise skiers and riders and go together! This can allow you to learn from and push each other. And, if you choose to night ride and are newer to the sport, please go with a buddy, as it can be dangerous to go alone. Also, one perk of going with friends is that you can carpool!

3. Try a Half Day Pass

If you just want to test the waters, or ride for a bit, buy a half-day pass! This can save you LOTS of money.

4. Leaving the Mountain

Pack up and make sure you don’t leave your helmet, goggles, waterproof & warm gloves, a hat/something to keep your ears warm, warm knee-high socks, face protection (a balaclava or face shield (a buff will also do).


Other Bolton-Specific Tips:

two people snowboarding

1. Bolton has Free Parking!

No fees, No problems! Bolton has free parking, so there is one less thing you need to plan before hitting the slopes!

2. Print out pre-purchased tickets

the cube-pickup for tickets machine

Head to the Pick-up Boxes (found between the ‘Ticket Cube’ and ‘Rentals’ under the covered walkway) and follow the following steps! Find your confirmation email with a QR code in your inbox. Scan the QR code on the ticket kiosk laser. Print out an RFID ticket, scan it at the gate, and GO SKI!

3. Night time is the right time!

Give night skiing a go! For only 25 dollars, you ski under the lights at Bolton Valley. 

4. Bolton Babe Force

Bolton Babe Force is a community of ‘self-identifying women’ and non-binary folks who meet up for regular group night rides! They have programming all year round, so keep an eye on their Instagram for updates!

5. Want some Bolton Valley Resort food?

If you run out of food or drink on the mountain and don’t know where to go, you can get food at the Base Cafe, JMT, Miso Hut, or Fireside pizza!

We hope this guide saves you some time and some money. Now get out on the mountain and put it to use! Follow Bolton Valley on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook for more updates and news!


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