5 Tips To Study Mindfully

So… We’re approaching finals season. Whether that means you’ve been cramming in the library 24/7 or spending every night at North Beach in denial (I don’t blame you), I’ve got some study tips for you! Finals anxiety is real, so I compiled a list of strategies that I use to mediate the stress that comes with the end of the semester .

1. Eat 3 Meals (and Drink Your Water!!!)

This tip is number one for a reason- your body needs to be nourished if you’re looking to focus! Would you try to run a marathon without a healthy breakfast and a glass of water? Didn’t think so. Hydrate!!! Making sure you are sustaining yourself throughout the day will keep your brain up and active, which is the first step to a good study sesh. Check our blog on easy meals for college students for some delicious recipe ideas you can make in your dorm or apartment!


2. Make a List

Go into studying with a mission in mind. Not everything can be done completely, and prioritizing is everything. Getting to the library without an order of tasks or priorities set can be a significant cause of stress and a lot of extra work. Before entering your study space, make a list of tasks from the most to least important. Work on the most important items first so it’s over at the beginning or spread out the tougher tasks!


3. Stay Active & Social

While it is important to study hard for finals, studying hard without breaks (and maybe a little denial) can have an unwanted effect on our mental health. Take time between studying to get up, move, and spend time with friends. Even taking a short walk around campus can help to relieve your stress and give you a few moments of peace- I promise that you have at least a few minutes to spare. Reach out to your support system when you need it and be there for your friends! Don’t let yourself spiral into the 24/7 study bubble.


4. Change the Scenery

The perfect way to prevent a study spiral is to seek out new locations. If you’ve been spending every day in Howe and you’re feeling drained, try to switch it up for a new (and more calming) environment. Looking to get away from the busy campus? Check out our off-campus study spot blog for some inspiration and ratings on some locations you may not have considered yet. A change of scenery can be healthy, even if you think you’ve found your “perfect study spot”. Give yourself a breath of fresh air.


5. Take a Brain Break

In addition to staying active, giving your brain a break can be incredibly important for stressful times. Taking time between assignments to do breathing exercises and setting time aside to rest or meditate can be the difference between an anxiety filled or fulfilling, productive day. If you are experiencing more stress than you can handle don’t hesitate to check out Living Well’s programs and resources along with reaching out to CAPS if you need it. I promise that an extra hour of studying when you are at your capacity is not worth your peace. There is so much more to you than your academic performance. Your mind is one of the most valuable resources you have- keep it healthy!