A UVM BORED Guide to Study Abroad


So, you’re thinking of studying abroad! Well, me too! As I started this process it felt like all of the resources were a little spread out and depersonalized. So, I figured I might as well round ‘em all up into one place for you and share some of my experience. Below, I break down some of the necessities for finding a program that suits you, deadlines for applying and any other tidbits I may deem helpful! 

A great place to start for a little background info and an overview is the Study Abroad 101 video from the Office of International Education (OEI). The OEI has tons of other resources so feel free to explore their website some more. 

Looking For a Program 

Brazil Skyline 

Map Search Tool: 

By far one of the most helpful tools for finding the program that’s right for me is the Map Search tool on UVM Go Abroad. This was especially helpful for me, someone who values the geographic location of the program pretty much above all else. This tool gives you a map of the globe and lets you explore programs in any country you choose. For example, I knew I wanted to go to Europe, so I clicked on the continent and took a look around. This allowed me to find a potential literature program in Copenhagen, Denmark that I could not be more excited about.  

UVM Go Abroad Map

 When using this map, make sure to take into account what field of study you are going to be focused on. This also might influence your decision about where you study. Florence, Italy might be an especially enriching place to study art history, while the Galapagos Islands could be a perfect place to study marine science. 

Program Discovery: 

 If you aren’t sure where in the world you wanna be, a great tool to use is the program search on UVM Go Abroad. This allows you to search for a specific program or you can browse through existing programs. You can filter for a number of characteristics such as field of study, potential scholarships, term and more.  

UVM Go Abroad Program Search

One thing to consider when choosing a program is whether you want to go through the University or go through an external program. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. I have heard that occasionally there are complications in transferring over credit from external programs, however I’m sure that a quick meeting with your academic advisor beforehand would prevent that. When going through UVM, you will be with other students from UVM. This could be a pro or a con depending on the person so just trust your gut! For more info on different types of programs take a peek at this infographic. For more on how financial aid works, this site breaks it down.


Italy clock tower

 When you decide to go abroad is a big factor as well. There are programs in the fall, spring and summer. There are also shorter-term UVM Travel Study opportunities during breaks that range from 1-4 weeks. If you are going abroad during the fall or spring, then you will need to plan your housing around that time frame. Most commonly the way this blockade is overcome is through subletting. I plan to go abroad in the fall of next year, so I found a group who plan on going abroad in the spring to sublet from. For more on dealing with the good ‘ol Burly housing market check-out our last blog! 

 Your academic advisor is a very crucial part of this process. When it comes to the inner workings of the credit system and getting your degree, we know a little and they know a lot! So lean on them throughout this process. I would suggest meeting with them once when you have found a program you like or even a couple, and then after the application process.  



UVM In Programs: 

Fall – Jan 10 

Spring – Aug 10 

UVM Exchange Programs: 

Fall – Jan 10 

Spring – Aug 10 

External Programs: 

Summer, Fall, Academic Year – Feb 15 

Spring & Calendar Year – Sept 15 

It can be scary to confront the idea of leaving your home and going to a place that’s completely unfamiliar to you. But, in my opinion, this intimidation is just a little candle in a big fat cake of opportunity! There are not many times in your life when you have the chance to put your finger anywhere on a map and say, “I’m going there.” This is one of those times. The world is a big place, and I don’t plan on missing out on it. I hope this helped answer any questions or even just provide some solace! Have fun out there Cats!