Spooky & Safe

skeletons dancing in a circle

Whether you’re planning a spooky night in or a Halloweekend out, we’ve got some tips and tricks to make sure this year’s Halloween is as safe as it is spooky! 


When considering costumes always remember who a costume could impact. Another person’s identity or culture are never an appropriate costume choice. Be creative with what you chose to dress as and hold your friends and yourself accountable when it comes to potentially offensive costumes. Check out the Center for Health and Wellbeing’s graphic for avoiding problematic costumes. 


Looking for something fun to do with friends this weekend? Look no further than UVM’s Fright Week events! From costume contests to ghost walks, there is something for everyone throughout the week. Be sure to check out UPB’s annual Candy Shoppe for laser tag, slime making, a costume contest, and more along with other exciting events. Want to stay in and relax? Here are some movie picks you can watch this spooky season! 

COVID is on the rise. For you and your friends’ safety consider testing before going out to parties. Free test kits are available at the Davis Center info desks, Living Well, and Student Health Services.


We at BORED know as well as anyone that this time of the year is peak party season. While partying with friends can be fun, there are always things to remember when it comes to celebration safety.  

Always be sure to keep an eye out on your friends when out. It’s safest to celebrate in a small group, but larger parties on college campuses are inevitable so be sure to stick together. 

With festivities coming up, be sure you stay up to date on UVM’s alcohol, cannabis, tobacco, and drug policy. If substances are present at a party, remember to take precautions on what you’re taking, from who, and how much. Keep track of how much you’re consuming and don’t accept drinks from people you don’t know. Drink spiking is increasingly common, and while never the fault of the victim, it’s important to be aware of the possibility. Watch out for your friends and have a buddy system in place! 


Late nights off campus come with even later night walks back. While we’d personally never recommend walking alone at night, the UVM LiveSafe app can help. Check out the SafeWalk feature in the app to have someone virtually “walk you home”. You can choose anyone in your contacts to join your SafeWalk home. Here’s a video on how to use the SafeWalk feature on LiveSafe. 

If a dangerous or uncomfortable situation does present itself, UVM Police Services and Burlington Police Services are always available. UVM Police Services can be reached at (802) 656-3473 with an anonymous tip line at (802) 656-TIPS. Burlington Police can be reached at (802) 658-2700. 

More than anything, we hope you have a happy and safe Halloween with more treats than tricks! Halloween can be a great relief after midterms season, so enjoy your time with friends- you’ve earned it.