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Below are a few tips on writing a good event description.  Note that not following these tips may delay your event from getting posted –

  • ‘Us’ vs ‘Them’ – Avoid language like “our” or “join us”. This will make readers think UVM BORED is hosting this event – rather than you!  Instead use language like “Join the [your organization]…”.   (This is the #1 thing that holds up approval of submissions)
  • Write for College Students – Think about what information would help a college student attend this event.  Is it free? Do they need to register – if so, what’s the link? Expect that individuals (especially new college students) may not know your organization or the local community.
  • Mention Multiple Days/Times – You can easily set up a recurring event below if your event happens regularly; but it’s helpful to also mention this in the event description so folks know there are many opportunities to attend.
  • Longer Events or Trips – If your event lasts multiple days, consider if someone can attend past the start day (ie – if you’re hosting an overnight hike, folks can’t join in on the second day). If not, only list the day they can begin to attend.  Additionally, use recurring event options below to show your event happens on multiple days rather than a start/end date that spans multiple days.
  • Right’ Photos – Include engaging photos without much text. If possible a photo is better than your unedited poster.  This makes it easier to navigate our site visually. Make sure you have the rights to use any photos you include in your submission. UVM BORED is not responsible for monitoring copyright infringement and will direct any infringement inquiries to the original submitter.

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