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Navigating life at UVM in a pandemic can be rough. Between nose swabs, distancing requirements, and all our to-go meals – it can be easy to think about all the things we’re bummed about losing.

Hopefully there are some glimmers of positivity in the middle of this COVID-cloud – whether it be testing line volunteer who asked you how your day was JUST when you needed it most, a friend who made you laugh so hard you cried, or the dining attendant whose steady presence made you feel a bit more at ease. The people are what make UVM and Burlington great – ordinary heroes providing some poignant positivity. So, let’s celebrate them!

Take a moment and use the form below to celebrate that someone who provided a little light to your day, and helped make an otherwise rough time that much more manageable. We’ll share your notes on insta, twitter, and facebook accounts (@uvmbored) so the whole world can celebrate this moment of positivity with you.

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Submitted Kudos

Updated 5/17/21

That girl in the quad carrying a fire extinguisher
“Thanks for helping me get down from that tree I got stuck in… lol the emotional support really helped me when I was afraid I would fall to my death. Seriously thank you though you are so nice!”

Allen Josey
“Allen Josey treats the entire staff with kindness and truly seems to care about everyone in UES. MAJOR KUDOS!!!”

Mike, Renee, Nicole, and Samantha from UES
“Mike, Renee, Nicole, and Samantha who are with University Event Services have been such a joy to get to know and work with in the covid-19 testing center! They are always so friendly with the students testing and I really appreciate all of their hard work. KUDOOS!!”

President Garimella
“President Garimella has been leading UVM during a crazy period- pandemic and calls for racial justice in the United States. I appreciate Garimella’s calm demeanor, emails, and responsiveness to students. Thank you for your calm and kind guidance during this crazy time.”


Updated 5/7/21

Sebastian H.
“Promoted gender equity and made me, a BIPOC feel included”

Martin N.
“lemme kick it, thanks”

UVM Rescue Squad
“I am so proud when I see UVM Rescue ambulances on and around campus. This entirely UVM student-run organization has remained in service through the entire pandemic, with student volunteers as front line essential workers putting others ahead of themselves while following University and healthcare provider requirements and still continuing to train and recruit new student members. THANK YOU!”

Ha [I may have the spelling incorrect, sorry! ] from Custodial Services Davis Center
“You are always so kind every time I see you in the Davis Center. You’re always smiling and really just a joy to see each day. Thank you for keeping UVM safe.”

Jillian Scanneli
“Jillian is the BOSS in the testing center. Major Queen vibes. She always keeps the line moving but is so fun to work for. I really appreciate her humor and fun when I work my 3 shifts in the testing center. JILLIAN rocks.”

JP (Davis Center)
“JP is always so kind every time I see him in the Davis Center. He’s always changing the hand sanitizer robots or changing the trash cans of crazy amounts of tissues. JP is really just a friendly and awesome person. We are so lucky to have JP at UVM. And the book collection he’s created in Davis for Students is AMAZING. Thank you JP for being so wonderful and rocking the overalls.”

“Diane Walker, Betty Faul-Welfare, Kara Walker, Nathan Karas This is a special shoutout to the UVM strong team. Who as a testing center employee I know deal with a lot of craziness in emails and phone calls. Some students and parents can be very impolite and frankly rude to this core team. However, I’ve only every witnessed them respond with kindness and information. Honestly, these people deserve a huge KUDOS for all the hard work they’ve done this year keeping UVM safe.”

Student Health Services
“To all the nurses, NPs, doctors, PAs, custodial staff, and staff at Student health services. Thank you Thank you thank you for all that you do. You’ve tested students with compassion and warmth. You have kept the campus safe and we are so lucky as a school to have you. Thank you thank you!!! I wish I knew all of your names but I don’t so this is just a big shoutout! Everyone I’ve interacted with at Student Health has been amazing.”


Updated 5/2/21

The Staff at the UVM Testing Site in the Davis Center
“These people are always there early for staff to get tested, no lines, very little waiting, always with a great attitude and friendly approach . I am grateful for the excellent service which helps me get tested and feel safe on a weekly basis…Great Job!” – Steve Fox

Updated 4/26/21

University Event Services Student Staff
“We have been so fortunate to have such a great team of students who have stuck with us this past year under less than ideal situations. Our students bring a positive energy to their jobs every day. UES could not function without our students doing great work both inside the Davis Center and across campus year-round. They “spice it up” week in, and week out, and demonstrate our department’s commitment to SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, PROFESSIONALISM, INCLUSION, CUSTOMER SERVICE, and EXCELLENCE.” – Allen Josey

Updated 4/22/21

Joan Marie Rosebush – ROSIE!
“A couple times a year, this gem of a human sends me a kind note. This year, I cannot overstate how much it means to me when people reach out to say something nice. We don’t know each other well, which makes it all the more touching. ”

Prof. Gustafson
“I briefly mentioned I liked historical fashion in class and weeks later she sent me a link to a lecture on it. It’s so nice to have a professor do something like that. Made me feel appreciated. :)”

UVM Medical Center Staff
“Through the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare professionals at hospitals and medical facilities have never been tested like this before in their lives and careers. Your courage and strength to step up in support of families, students, neighbors and individuals in crisis are extraordinary. Catamount Nation is a better place because of good people at UVM Medical Center who work together to keep our community safe and healthy. Thank you for making a difference in our lives through COVID-19 and beyond.”

UVM Student Health Services
“Student Health Services has been the unsung heroes of this year in navigating the changing Covid Landscape, and managing fallout from the massive testing numbers on campus. At any time of day, when testing results roll in, the limited staff at student health jump into action to help identify and limit campus spread of the virus. They Have been asked to do something near impossible but continue to step up and exceed what is being asked of them. Without much assistance, they continue to be asked to manage a pandemic, and impressively have done just that. Thank you for all of your work in maintaining a safe campus community!!!!!!”

Christian Skalka
“Professor/Chair Christian Skalka has been working so hard during the pandemic to support his faculty, staff and students! His efforts are appreciated. Kudos!”

Updated 4/15/21

Joe at the Salad Bar in Simpson
“Joe always ask how the days going and puts so much care into his salads! Thanks joe!!”

The whole cycling team!
“This club and riding has kept me sane this year and I love them all!”

Updated 4/6/21

Georgia Kennedy
“Georgia is simply the most wonderful friend and colleague you could ask for! She is warm, kind, present and thoughtful– exactly the person you’d want on your team. Sharing anything with Georgia — whether it is space, laughter, ideas, etc– is a joy, and will surely lead to a brighter day. ”

UVM Varsity Athletic Training Staff
“Our athletic medicine team – Dr. Lunser and our awesome trainers – have continued to work around the clock to ensure the safety, health and well-being of our student-athletes, coaches and staff. Their passion and dedication are inspiring!”

Sylvie Frisbie
“Worked hard, supportive, talked, listened.”

Anthony Fouche
“Anthony has been my wingman for years. Whenever I have reached out to him to assist me with daily issues, he always asks me how my mom is. He is always cheerful and I can always count on him to make me smile. – Debra Fraser”

Kevin Hytten
“Kevin leads the COVID Testing Team at the Davis Center. He is always genuinely upbeat, and this lends to inspire his team of employees and volunteers to perform at their best every day. Kevin is one of the friendliest and approachable persons and this is fueled by his big heart. His brain is always working, looking for ways to improve the Student testing experience. Kevin makes me smile. I look forward to seeing him each day. His positive attitude coupled with his confidence in the process and his team has given me all the confidence in the world that UVM will prevail over this terrible Pandemic. It is my honor to know him and learn from him.” – Jacques-Paul Marton “JP”

Karen Lemire
“At the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic when masks were scarce, Karen began making cloth masks. She charged a fee for each mask but donated all of the proceeds to the Vermont Food Bank. Some of my favorite masks were sewn by Karen. She even made straps with snaps to secure to the ear elastics of the masks so that I could be sure NOT to drop the mask when I was climbing in and out of the police car.” – Sue Roberts

Updated 3/29/21

Lana Al-Namee
“Lana has been the most supportive SGA President and friend. No matter how busy she is, she always makes time in her day to listen to you and provide you with comfort and advice. She has gone above and beyond to help students on campus and always has a smile on her face while doing this important work. I appreciate her and I will miss her as SGA President!”

Annie Valentine (Living Well)
“Annie inspires me to be a more loving, caring and empathetic human. She leads with openness and vulnerability and challenges me to live my values. She is a great accountability buddy, and she deeply cares for and about UVM students. Annie is an advocate for more equitable and inclusive communities, and I feel grateful for her energy, ideas and honesty. Thank you, Annie, for elevating student wellbeing, introducing bystander intervention and for destigmatizing mental health on our campus. You and your work matter.”

Morgan Collins + Matt Lunser
“Morgan, Matt, and the entire athletic medicine staff are supporting our athletic teams so they can play safely in an a challenging environment. They are at every practice and game to keep our Catamounts healthy and they show up with care and kindness which is so important right now.”

UVM Bookstore 
“UVM Bookstore has stayed connected and continued to provide services to everyone on and off campus! By adapting to every twist and turn they managed to stay open and continued to provide needed supplies and books and they definitely did their part to help keep up our Catamount spirit!”

Updated 3/21/21

Hillary (3/21/21)
“Hillary is so kind and friendly, and she brings a smile to my face! She’s always willing to help me by making delicious gluten free sandwiches or answering any of my questions. It makes me so happy to see her around the dining hall and I greatly appreciate her warmth :)”  – Alissa

Kristin the Ultimate Bestie (3/20/21)
“Kristin is an ideal friend and the best roommate there is, she always is looking out for people and is a bestie to all! Thanks for being there for me and making my life so much better!”

Josephine Mercado (3/18/21)
“Thank you and the Women of SOS for standing firm on your beliefs and fighting for your fellow students. Give em hell!”

Kayla Prouty (3/18/21)
“She brightens my day every day. She’s the best girlfriend-best friend combo I could ever ask for. I am forever grateful for the care and compassion she shows to me every day. She’s also the biggest goof I know, so we work well. I hope you keep being a weirdo with me for a long time.” – Elene Karlberg

Marie-France Nelson (3/18/21)
“Professor Nelson is one of the best teachers at UVM. Not only is she good at getting her lessons across, but she truly cares about her students. Even after finishing her class, she continues to check in and do her best to make sure students are doing okay. It’s been so refreshing and kind to have her looking out for me this year!”

CHWB Medical Staff (3/18/21)
“They have been here for students throughout the pandemic, even when students aren’t always making the best choices. They work hard and are very caring and supportive in the medical clinic and COVID dorms. Thank you for all you do with all the challenges you are faced with.”

Alex (3/16/21)
“You never know what you’ll learn about Alex when you have a conversation about it – but it’s an adventure every time. Makes my day better to have that moment of often unexpected laughter.”

Iceleen (3/16/21)
“Talent. Laughter. Always down to jump RIGHT into the thick of it – thanks for putting a smile on our collective faces. You’re a rockstar.”

Maeve Forbes (3/15/21)
“She always makes the effort to interact with people and make them smile. It’s always so appreciated! I feel the love she has for everyone and it’s amazing ”

Cat Mawn (3/15/21)
“You are a ray of sunshine in this hard time we currently live in”

Christelle Vincent (3/11/21)
“I’m in one of Christelle’s courses this semester and she is a powerhouse of positivity (while still 100% acknowledging the fact that the world is essentially a dumpster fire right now). Her enthusiasm makes me so much more excited to attend class, even though it’s online. I just really appreciate how much energy she shows while lecturing to a bunch of pastel colored circles over Microsoft Teams because I’m sure it is absolutely exhausting for her to do so.”

my literal family in suite 120 (3/11/21)
“i genuinely don’t know what id do without these people. they are my best friends and built in family here and i love every single one of them so much. from arson bracelets to jackbox to twilight i can’t imagine my life without them. thank you all and love you so so much <3 :)”

Ellie (3/10/21)
“Not everyone you meet will only drink chocolate milk as a dessert. But then there’s Ellie. There’s so much I appreciate about Ellie, but if I had to pick one thing it’s her warm personality. Always up for an adventure, always down to chat, always ready to flip the script with a healthy dose of chaos. In a time when being together feels so far away, having an Ellie in your orbit makes things feel a little more right.”

Danielle (3/10/21)
“We’ve been in COVID for a solid year now – and so much is different about the college experience as a result. But you’d never know it talking to Danielle! In her first year at UVM, Danielle has never wavered in her positivity and excitement to be exploring college. In a time where connection seems slightly out of reach, Danielle has been a connector, supporter, and UVM cheerleader since even before she landed on campus. I appreciate her!”

Resident Advisors and Assistant Resident Advisors (3/10/21)
“RA’s and ARD’s go above and beyond to support their residents, their peers, our community. They engage in behind the scenes work we rarely see to keep our community safe. We recognize ALL the difficult conversations they’ve had to have. We recognize All the space they’ve held to support those in need. The Center for Health and Wellbeing staff SEES you. We validate how hard your role is. We honor how much you give to UVM. We THANK YOU.” – Annie Valentine and the Center for Health and Wellbeing staff

Bruce Kimball and Jason Towsley (3/9/21)
“These two Larner College of Medicine Technology Services (COMTS) staff members have been the backbone of our College’s Zoom technology service delivery on which everyone in the Larner community has depended for the past year. On a dime, they allowed us to pivot to remote delivery of our medical student curriculum and a wide range of events — beginning, most notably, with our Match Day event last March 20, as well as a live Commencement for our graduating medical students. Since then, they have ensured the successful delivery of hundreds of hours of teaching and meetings and dozens of events. The events, which are College-wide, impact the Medical Communications team, of which I am a member, directly, as we organize these and produce the promotional materials for them. Bruce and Jason are truly amazing, kind, hard-working and unassuming individuals.” – Jennifer Nachbur

Grace Ekwaubu (3/5/21)
Grace is an all-around great human being who takes pride in the food she prepares at the dining hall and is always willing to go out of her way for you. – Connor Z.

The folks at the Center for Student Conduct (3/4/21)
“Joy” may not be the right word…I am thinking they are simply inspiring. They adjudicate their cases with wisdom, knowledge, and a passion for restorative justice. They also walk a fine line as compassionate educators who also enforce the policies that keep all of us safe. Sending them thanks and appreciation for all their work.

Smoothie guy at the dairy bar (3/4/21)
Thank you for always being happy to make my delightful day and help me when I forget to change the order!

The nice man who works in the Davis Center and wears Carhartt overalls (3/4/21)
He is so incredibly kind to the testing center employees and always greets us with a smile. His presence brings me so much joy and I just want him to know that.

Davis Center Custodial Staff – Thompson, JP, Wanda, Phon, Own, Kwit, and Albi (3/4/21)
The Davis Center Custodial Staff is the integral behind-the-scenes, early-morning, and late-night crew that makes sure the entire Davis Center – and the COVID-19 Testing Center – is sanitized, clean, and ready-to-go for the next day. Every morning when I come in to open up the COVID-19 Testing Center each member of the custodial team I see as I walk through the Davis Center greets me with a smile (behind their mask!) and a cheerful good morning. They are always quick to respond when we need supplies like tissues, hand sanitizer, and trash bags. – Whitney Feininger

Beverly Colston (3/4/21)
Thank you for being such a kind friend to me, I look up to you so much and I know you’ve been there for me more times than I can count. I love our talks and I miss our hugs, but we will hug again I promise! You’re the only person in my life right now who wants me for me, and I can’t tell you how much of a relief that is.

My Boyfriend (3/4/21)
I have severe anxiety especially around health issues. This makes the pandemic especially hard for me. This mixed with drama has made this year a hard year. But my boyfriend has put up with all of it and supported me no matter how annoying it can be and this is my way to publicly thank him for all he does for me. I love him so much and I wouldn’t be succeeding so much without him.

JP – Davis Center Custodial Staff (3/4/21)
JP is always checking-in on us in the COVID-19 Testing Center. He is constantly taking out trash, rotating hand sanitizers, and keeping the area clean. He doesn’t have to do this, he does it because he cares. JP is the ultimate Catamount and the Davis Center could not operate with him!

Tati (3/4/21)
Shout out to one of the RALLYTHON advisors for always being FTK (for the kids)

Resident Advisors (3/3/21)
“RAs are working extremely hard to keep our community safe. They are often balancing their desire to build great relationships with their residents and the responsibility of holding them accountable. This is not easy, but they are amazing and do it so well! You are true heroes and help keep our community safe. Thank you for the huge role you play in keeping the University safe and open.” – Anonymous 

Mercy Residents (3/3/21)
“These amazing residents demonstrated extreme flexibility relocating during a busy period of the semester. Because of them we can accommodate additional quarantine students should we need to. We were so encouraged by your grace and uplifted by your kindness last week. We hope we were able to successfully accommodate everyones housing needs. Thank you for being such rock stars!” – Anonymous 

Kate Strotmeyer (3/3/21)
“Kate has been an incredible leader for staff during the entire past year. Her tireless energy and passion for her work is inspiring. THANK you, Kate. For leading with compassion. For being present. For not caring about job description or position title but instead about the humans in those roles and what support and collaboration can happen to make sure we all succeed.” – Anonymous 

Emily Hagan-Howe (3/3/21)
“Emily has a unique ability to make you feel like she is 100% engaged in what you’re saying – even in this virtual environment. When I was in a dark place because of complacency around issue of justice on our campus she made me feel uniquely heard. THANK you Emily for being compassionate in this time when we’re all at the end of our endurance.” – Anonymous 

Raf Rodriguez (3/3/21)
“Raf has weathered the COVID storm in housing and res life with dignity and grace. His job is probably the hardest one and the one that has required the most finesse and patience and I am truly proud of the way that he took care of our students through it all. Congratulations Raf— you a real one!” – Anonymous

Bev Colston & Mosaic Center Staff (3/3/21)
“Thank you for everything you’ve done to center the needs of BIPOC students, staff, and faculty during this awful last year. I’m so proud and humbled by the way you have extended care and concern to the students and are living by the ideals of the university’s Common Ground.” – Anonymous

Cat Campbell (3/3/21)
“Wow! What can you say about Cat except that she is a ball of enthusiastic care, compassion, and love for everyone she meets. What a burst of sunshine into anyone’s day!” – Anonymous


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