And the Winners Are…

2 years ago
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In early April of 2015 the BORED team set out to determine UVM’s campus favorites on tons of subjects ranging from food to academia to school culture and back again. Thanks to everyone who participated in our survey, we collected over 1000+ responses and are now proud to present you with the ultimate “Best Of” list. We’ve always known that Catamounts were an opinionated bunch about their particular favorites, but now we’ve got the official on-campus bests and the stats to prove it! Everyone’s feedback has made this an incredibly fun experiment, and one that we hope to continue next year. Scroll down below to discover our wonderful 2015 winners!

We also collected some responses to the questions, what makes UVM the coolest? And what advice do you have for first years? In response to UVM’s coolness factor, a huge majority agreed that it was all of the wonderful PEOPLE that make this place thrive. Whether it was their adventurousness, their kindness, or their undeniable sense of community, nearly everyone identified some aspect of the people as being a crucial aspect in making UVM a great place to be. You guys really are a sweet, cheesy bunch. To the first years, most people underlined that they should get involved and warned them about the wildly cold temperatures that are possible in the depths of February. Many nostalgic folks told them that time goes fast and the four years will fly by, and others warned them about the difficulties of organic chemistry or about the best places to find good food on campus. All in all, some really interesting and fun responses, and a lot of good advice that we will certainly be passing on to freshman as they come in for orientation in June.

Again, thanks for all your help! Have a lovely summer and we’ll see you next year! ♥ ♥ ♥