Dear UVM,

The Bored Team is putting on a scavenger hunt and YOU are invited to participate! 

From October 6-13, visit at least one of our ten scavenger hunt locations, take a picture, and direct message via Facebook, Instagram, or email it to us at [email protected] Each photo you send of a different scavenger hunt location will count as one entry into our raffle–so if you go to all ten locations, you’ll be entered ten times! Pro Tip: use the campus map in the UVM Guide App to help you get around, download it here.

We’ll choose a bunch of winners to receive Bored Swag Packs including:

  • A Bored Backpack
  • A Bored Flannel
  • Our classic Bored pens
  • Stickers + decals galore
  • Concert passes
  • Movie tickets
  • …and more…

So, grab some friends, head outside to explore this beautiful fall weather, and GET HUNTING! Use #uvmboredgames to keep in touch on your adventures!

Scavenger Hunt Locations:

Bottom floor of library

  • Have you ever wanted to make your room into a movie theater? Or wished you had a GoPro for your weekend trip to the mountains? You can find both of these things and all 10 seasons of Friends in the basement of the Bailey/Howe Library.

Advising center

  • A new addition to the Davis Center, the Advising Center is an SGA sponsored program that anyone and everyone can use if they need advice.  We went here and got all of our burning questions answered, then wrote a blog about it.

Stained glass window room in Old Mill (John Dewey lounge)

  • Some of the best views on campus are the painted colorful windows in the John Dewey lounge. If you’ve tried the all of the classic study spots on campus but haven’t exactly found your niche yet, check out the John Dewey lounge in Old Mill.

Solarium in Aiken

  • Keep this place in mind when it’s -20 degrees out.  There are over 200 sensors that regulate the heat in the room, and because of the amount of exotic plant species that live in this space, it stays at around 80 degrees year round.

Billings circle room apse

  • If you had been a UVM student waaayyy back in the day, then this is where you would’ve come when you were studying for midterms or finals. Times have changed but the beauty of the Billings Library definitely has not. Check it out and get some studying done while you’re there.

Tire swing on Trinity

  • You can throw it back to your elementary school days and swing your worries away on a mostly-safe tire swing on Trinity campus. Look for it on the hill to the next to McAuley.

D&E lounge

  • The Diversity and Equity (D&E) Lounge a cozy nook with a great view on the 3rd floor of the Davis Center, near Henderson’s and Student Life. It’s a central meeting location for the LGBTQA Center, ALANA Student Center, and Women’s Center.

Catamount statue

  • If you’ve never sat majestically atop the bronze catamount statue between the Royall Tyler Theatre and Bailey-Howe Library, are you really a UVM Catamount? The answer is no… but don’t worry! It’s not an automaton (although that’d be superawesome) so it’s not going anywhere and you can go do it RIGHT MEOW!

Fleming Museum

  • Did you know that you’re living within mere miles of original Picassos, Warhols, and Basquiats? That’s right – the Fleming Museum on central campus is home to some uber-famous artists’ works! Better yet, admission is free for students. If you don’t fancy yourself enough of an art buff to get excited about the actual art, you can get excited about the Speeder & Earl’s coffee (and other yummy drinks) for sale in the new Fleming Cafe.

Taxidermy animals in Marsh Life Science

  • Have you ever stared into the eyes of a polar bear? What about a catamount? You can (sort of*) do this right here on campus, just outside of one of our biggest lecture halls (Marsh Life Science 235 a.k.a. Benedict Auditorium) where a slightly unsettling assortment of taxidermied beasts live. *We say “sort of” because the eyes are fake… but to a horrifyingly obvious degree.