A Taste of Vermont: the Winter Farmer’s Market

by Ruby LaBrusciano-Carris

            During the winter months, making the trip downtown seems much more difficult when it means being subjected to cold, snow, ice, and all manner of the unpleasant weather that Vermont has to offer. When I finally make it though, the trip is always worth it—especially when it’s a Saturday and I get the pleasure of a visit to the Winter Farmers Market.

In order to stay away from the weather, the Farmer’s Market is moved indoors to Memorial Auditorium from November to March, but all the same wonderful foods, crafts, vegetables, and other assorted stands that we came to love from visits to the summer market are still there! Whether you are grocery shopping, gift shopping, taste testing, meandering, or sightseeing, the Farmer’s Market is the perfect spot to wile away a Saturday afternoon. It is truly a treat to have a year-round Farmer’s Market, and one we should definitely all try to take advantage of. It’s also a great opportunity to experience one of the quintessential traditions that Vermont holds most dear.


For grocery shopping, there is no shortage of organic and local vegetables between Lewis Creek Farm, Burnt Rock Farm, and Full Moon Farm (just to list a few!). This time of year, they are especially plentiful with delicious root vegetables like potatoes, beets, and carrots, which are perfect for a cozy winter soup, or even just roasted in the oven. For the adventurous carnivore in all of us, Stark Hollow Farm is one of the vendors with the most diverse meat selection, with offerings such as Icelandic sheep and forest raised Tamworth pigs. Jericho Settler’s Farm and Farmer Sue also add to the meat selection available at the market, offering more staple meats like chicken, pork, and lamb.

There is also a bounty of dairy products from vendors like Shelburne Farms and Mountain Home Farm, jellies from the Green Jam Man, granola from Green Mountain Granola, and even pretzels from Green Mountain Twisters. If you are in the mood for a quick snack, there is no shortage of options, from Half Pint Farm’s delicious breakfast and lunch burritos to the Pakistani cuisine from Pak-Afghani Foods. Nibble or Nosh Bakeshop can offer something sweet to round out your meal, but then there are more hard choices to make, between the scrumptious natural juices from Steph & Mike’s juice company or a pick-me-up from Cursive Coffee.

If food isn’t doing it for you, then you’re still in the right place for just about everything else. In the world of beauty, Vermana Herbals has tantalizing tinctures, lotions, and sprays, and Chasworth Farm offers all manner of other natural bathing products. For the over-21 crowd, Caledonia Spirits offers some of the most highly regarded spirits in town, as well as Elm Brook Farm’s vodka and East Shore Vineyard’s wine. There are even stands filled with all sorts of clothes, jewelry, pottery, and beautiful handmade hats from Swan and Stone Millinery.

The atmosphere is always pleasant and buzzing at the Burlington Farmer’s Market, and there is always too much to see. All of the vendors are happy to talk to anyone and everyone about their products and the making of them, or even just happy to have a conversation. I cannot recommend enough what a positive experience a visit to the Farmer’s Market is, and whether it is your first time or your millionth, be sure to put it in your calendar for next Saturday, 10am-2pm.