Why You Should Probably Come to WinterFest

by Ruby LaBrusciano-Carris

Okay, okay, you’re tired, you’re busy, you don’t want to go outside—trust me, I so get it. But here’s why it’ll still be more than worth it if you make it to WinterFest next week…


If you’re COLD

If you try to tell me right now that you HAVEN’T been cold at all in the past couple days of negative-a-million-degrees-below zero weather that we’ve been enduring, then I know you’re lying. Luckily, a warm cup of FREE coffee is exactly what will warm you up and keep you going during this bone-chilling season, which you can find all of next week (Monday-Friday) in the Davis Center Atrium courtesy of the UVM Program Board. And if the free coffee wasn’t enough…you can also score a free tumbler if you get there early enough!

If you’re not a coffee drinker though, there are other events that are all about keeping you warm next week. For example, the Greek community will be hosting “Panhellenic Spirit Zumba”, which is sure to get your body moving and keep your spirits up with all the positive energy of a dance workout. Bring your friends on Tuesday night at 8pm to let loose and warm up in the most fun way possible!


It’s a New Year and a New YOU, which means that it’s time to switch things up a bit. Ever considered studying abroad or joining a new club? This is the perfect time to start looking into what either of those things might entail, with BOTH the January Activities Fest and The Study Abroad Fair on the schedule next week! More than 50 organizations will be present at the Activities Fest on Wednesday, so there’ll be sure to be a table to catch your eye. Dancing? Rowing? Poetry? A club might be the perfect place to meet some new people or try something new, so don’t hesitate to drop by! The Study Abroad Fair will also be a great place to take the first step to going to that country that you’ve always dreamed of visiting, or studying hands-on whatever it is that you’re passionate about. With UVM staff on hand as well as 20 other study abroad organizations, there’s no doubt that you’ll find something exciting happening there as well.


Dressed up? At UVM? I know, it’s not really our thing usually…but we’ll be switching it up next week at the Winter Ball, hosted by the Alumni Association! Bring a date, bring your friends, and dance the night away at the downtown Hilton Hotel. It shouldn’t break the bank, since tickets are only $7, but it will definitely be a different kind of Saturday night! Get out your dancing shoes, folks…

If you’re BORED

This is really what we specialize in at /BORED, keeping you not bored! Which is why I can guarantee that there will be something going on next week to keep you entertained. From the Movie Night at Living Well and the Dorm Challenge basketball tournament, to “Minute-to-Win-It” with IRA, there will be fun abounding. Check out all the events on the BORED Calendar by going to our website, clicking on the “Interests” drop-down menu, and then at the very bottom; WINTERFEST! See you there!