Top 5 Reasons You Should Use Localvore

1. It’s an easy way to explore Vermont!

Not only are there tons of offers that are easily accessible in the Burlington area, but Localvore offers coupons for places all over Vermont. Been wanting to go on a spontaneous adventure? Maybe Localvore has a deal at that quirky pizza place you’ve heard tons about—here’s your opportunity to go! The coupons are a great excuse to start exploring a little farther from your usual path.

2. You can save money by getting deals through Localvore’s coupons!

We ARE college students after all…and therefore always scrounging for a good deal. Localvore’s coupons offer all sorts of deals, which could mean eating out for half the price, getting 30% off a great yoga class, or getting two concert tickets for the price of one. What’s to lose?

3. You’ll be supporting local businesses!

One of Localvore’s mottos is “Buy Local, Be Happy”, and we’ve got to say that we agree. Local businesses are part of what make Vermont such a unique and thriving community, and one of the best ways that you can give back is to keep supporting the small businesses that make Vermont so wonderful!

4. Their offers can be delivered to your inbox so you can easily see what’s new!

There’s no need to go out of your way when you want to find out what the newest deals are, because Localvore can let you know in their weekly newsletter. If they’re sponsoring a contest (Year’s supply of Speeder and Earl’s beans, anyone? Free wanderlust ticket?) they’ll also alert you to it in that email. Just sign up on their website!

5. It’s an opportunity to try something new!

Whether its a new restaurant, a new bar, a new yoga studio, an exciting event, or a cafe you haven’t tried before, being a part of Localvore will keep you in the loop about what’s new and exciting in your community, and will give you the opportunity to take advantage of it. Been meaning to try that {insert something out-of-your-comfort-zone here}? Now’s your chance!