Burlington Snow Days

After months of skimpy flakes and even a few rainstorms, it’s finally here: the snow. Winter in Vermont isScreen Shot 2015-01-30 at 3.00.47 PM actually looking like winter in Vermont and it’s already nearly February! Burlington in the snow is both a blessing and a curse. It’s cozy, fun, and has all the lovely small-town charm of a life-sized snow globe. On the other hand though, it can be bitterly cold, treacherously slippery, and a little difficult to see through when the wind off the lake blows it in your face (does anyone else desperately wish that it was more socially acceptable to wear goggles around campus??) But all in all, we’re UVM-ers, and so at the end of the day, most of us can love a great snowy day.

But aside from the obvious (Skiing? Snowboarding?) what else is there to do around town when we suddenly get buried under a couple inches of snow? I, personally, have a few favorite haunts that I’ll let you in on.

First of all, there is nothing better to do when the weather gets weather-y than to bundle up and make your way over to the warm, dark, popcorn-full hideout of Merrill’s Roxy. With all of the awards season buzz that is swarming around the news these days, I’ve been aching to get over there and catch up on some of the latest and greatest flicks. Plus, I’ve been able to collect even more free movie tickets from Student Life than usual this year because (have you heard???) they’re being given out on Mondays AND Tuesdays now! That means that you could theoretically spend pretty much all weekend at the movies. Which is sounding pretty good to me right about now.

Secondly, the increasingly cold weather has had the side effect of increasing my consumption of hot drinks and caffeine, and so while I’m not hibernating at the movie theater, I might also be found attempting to be productive in the lovely café called New Moon. Not only do they have delicious cappuccinos, chai lattes, and all manner of teas, they also have an amazing salad bar and sandwich selection. It’s the perfect power food to power you through that mountain of homework that isn’t looking too entertaining right now.

Last, but certainly not least, if you can bundle up enough to make it all the way down to the waterfront for a walk along the bike path, I’ve always found that it’s well worth the trek. I’ve always found that if I’m starting to get down about the weather or cave to the January blues, the most reinvigorating thing to do is to get out IN it. The cold will wake you up, the sights will lift your spirits, and the walk will get the blood flowing to your brain again. Especially in the winter, when we tend to be more prone to duck down and stay inside, the snow-globe of campus can feel like being trapped in a bubble. But don’t forget that to burst it, all you’ve got to do is take the first step!

How do you try to make the most of the winter? Feel free to connect with us and let us know! Happy snowy days lovely UVM-ers! ♥