What Does the Class of 2019 Look Like?

2019; it sounds so futuristic and faraway, but in not too long at all, UVM’s Class of 2019 will be making their way down Main Street next August for convocation. In the past few months, acceptance letters and scholarship announcements have been going out to homes all across the country, and slowly but surely, the Class of 2019 is beginning to take shape. Like most of the rest of us did when we first chose UVM, they are congregating in a Facebook group in order to find roommates, meet new friends, and make connections before admitted students days and orientations. The Facebook introductions, are, as usual, friendly, funny, and full of clichés, and we are loving it. So much so, that we’ve decided to take some quotes from some of our favorites in order to put together a profile of UVM’s newest incoming class.


Many of the introductions are pretty typically UVM-y. There are tons of eager, outdoorsy, yoga-loving, snowboarding-crazed, hiking fanatic students. There’s a fair share of kayakers, fishers, and runners too. People seem to be excited to get into the Vermont spirit, ready to dive into B&J’s and maple syrup at any moment, and mentioning that they’re already rocking flannel just to prepare. We think everyone is going to fit in pretty well here.

“I’m kind of obsessed with skiing.”

“If I do decide to come to UVM, you’ll be able to find me binge-eating Ben & Jerry’s.”

People are sharing all kinds of funny likes and quirks, searching for the possible roommate who is also an avid bungee-jumper or maybe another rug-hooking addict. Who knows, maybe they’re out there!

“I’m always down to go to concerts with friends and if u are a tea enthusiast then we will be friends.”

“If you speak german at all we should converse aber ich spreche nur ein bisschen.”

A lot of people are into music, which is great of course, and a lot of people are finding bands and artists that they all like.

“Is the prerequisite for joining this group liking Alt-J?”

Some people are laying all their passions out on the table.

“I LOVE LOVE LOVE animals and think it’s really important that we maintain a good relationship with them; especially DOGS oh god i love dogs so much.”

Others are letting us know just how much they love food.

I’m in a committed relationship with carbs and Dark chocolate.

I enjoy and eat more slices of pizza in a week than there are days in a week.

Others are keeping their introductions short and sweet.

hi im coming and i love music and art who wants to be my roommate.

i just like to go with the flow. yup thats all i got.

But, all in all, the Class of 2019 seems like they are going to be bringing some great energy to our campus, and we couldn’t be happier that so many great people will be joining us soon. Welcome on board, 2019! ♥

I hope we blossom a beautiful friendship.