The following is a guest blog affectionally written by UVM Sophmore Camilla Broccolo.  If you have an idea for a blog post that you’d like to share with the BORED Team, send us a note. We’d love to hear from you!

1. The good old switch-a-roo

You can flip over your res hall mattress for a softer or more-firm mattress.


2. There’s an app for that!

  1. Check out the Transloc rider app to track the buses (this will come in incredibly useful in the coming winter months).
  2. Blackboard mobile app – Check your homework for the night before or your grade on that quiz while you’re on the go.
  3. UVM Guide App – To check out BORED ‘on-the-go’ and keep tabs on all the events happening as part of week-long programming events like Week of Welcome. Fright Week, and Winterfest!


3. UVM takes good selfies

Check out the uvmvermont Snapchat (or…you know, our Snapchat) to watch live stories of events going on around campus.  Like what you see? The social media directory lists a bunch of other UVM accounts (ours included!).  If you take good campus ‘grams, make sure to hashtag them #instauvm – sometimes UVM reposts the especially beautiful ones! You could be instafamous!


4. Rent a room in the library

Very useful for group projects or small meetings. Also you can rent equipment from the media center – like cameras, movies, GoPros, tripods, etc.


5. Davis Center board games?

You’ve probably seen the pool tables in the fireplace lounge, but did you know you can check out board games from the front desk? It’s perfect for the awkward hour between classes! 


6. So many resources!

Check out Living Well for Yoga, Pilates, massage and other great classes. UVM’s MOSAIC Center for Students of Color hosts free brunch on Friday. The Outing Club gives out free pancakes on Wednesdays at the OC House (8 Colchester Ave)… for all things food, keep tabs on our food page.


7. Campus Rec gives OUT free planners at the gym

For the organized student in you! (We all know it’s there)!


8. Fast Fitness Fingerprint

While you’re there, register your fingerprint at the front desk so you can have easy access to the gym at any time—without having to bring your Catcard!


9. Cats at the Movies

Free movie tickets every Monday and Tuesday that you can use at the Roxy Theater downtown over the weekend. Get to Student Life (Davis Center, room 310) before they’re all gone! Pro Tip: call ahead to ask if tickets are still available: 802-656-2060.


10. Soda Machines (also have water & ice – for free)

For $33 (or 33 points) you get unlimited refills for the semester. The water bottles have a chip that activates the machine where you can choose from a bunch of healthy beverages and over 100 flavors of soda. Or, just bring your own water bottle and fill it up with ice and water from the machine.



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