How To (Really!) Use a Decal

bored decal on nalgene

If you’re anything like me, you walk up to the BORED table in the Davis Center atrium looking for free swag (but let’s be honest, you’re probably mainly on the prowl for some BORED pens) and you pick up what appears to be a sticker. Awesome! However, when you go to apply this sweet new hook up to your laptop, water bottle, etc. you are a little stumped. Why is it basically falling apart? What’s with all the different layers? I mean, you aced your orgo chem exam yesterday (sort of) but can’t figure out how this sticker works? Have no fear. You’re one of MANY who just don’t get decals.


But BORED is here to help! That’s right. We are an event calendar, but we’re also a nifty source of information about anything and everything, like how to properly utilize your swag. So in order to make the most out of these awesome decals, here is a step by step list on how to use them!


1. Clean your desired surface with a cloth and some rubbing alcohol… although this may only be important for germaphobes like me 😀

rubbing alcohol and cotton ball



2. VERY carefully and gently, separate the white backing from the clear layer, making sure the lettering stays attached to the clear layer. You might have to smooth the lettering into the clear layer to prevent it from attaching to the white backing.

      bored decal

3. When you have successfully removed the white backing, place the decal onto your desired surface, sticky side down. Place the left side of the decal onto the surface first, and smooth it across to the right side with a credit card in order to prevent air bubbles.

bored decal


4. When the decal is flat against the surface, gently remove the clear top layer, leaving only the lettering behind.

bored decal


5. BOOM! You are swagged out, BORED style.

bored decal


Hopefully this will help prevent the confusion around decals and help you sport your favorite BORED swag. Be on the lookout for our tabling events in the Davis Center atrium, starting this Tuesday, October 13th from 11 am – 1 pm!

Our other tabling events include:

Friday October 30th from 11-1

Tuesday November 10th from 11-1

Wednesday, December 9th from 11-1

See ya there!