Freebie Friday at the Flynn: The Moth

Moths on green background

For our weekly Facebook Freebie Friday Contest we gave away five pairs of ticket to THE MOTH: Vermont GrandSLAM Championship at The Flynn.

Event Details: Friday, October 9th | 8:00PM | Flynn Center for the Performing Arts (Event Details)

Thank you to THE MOTH who donated 5 pairs of tickets to UVM BORED and gave 10 UVM students the opportunity to see this show for free.

UVM BORED had the opportunity to follow up with Annie Weese, one of the Freebie Friday winners.


How would describe what The Moth is in your own words?

The Moth is story time for adults.

The stories focus on relatable life events, are presented in hilarious ways, and end with a lie lesson. It’s easy to imagine the stories and put yourself in the tellers place.

How was the The Moth’s GrandSLAM Championship? Please share your experience at The Moth and The Flynn Theater in a sentence or two.

Being my first time at The Flynn, I was impressed at the rustic, old theater style of the place and at how big the place was.

The Moth’s GrandSLAM Championship was phenomenal. It was the most entertaining and hilarious event I’ve been to in years.

Who would recommend The Moth to?

I would recommend The Moth to anyone who loves stories, loves laughing, and loves getting to know others.

Please share a video with us of your favorite Moth story:

View Video HERE

Share a brief story of your own that responds to the theme, “being a Catamount”: 

Coming to UVM I expected making friends based off of mutual classes, being the same major, and living on the same floor. So when I joined the Knitting and Crochet House I assumed I would have a great friend group of knit wits. Unexpectedly, we bonded over video games and trashy reality TV. Being a Catamount is the ability to connect with others in surprising ways.

 Thanks for sharing your experience with us Annie!

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