Took Myself On A Date to Signal Kitchen

arc iris superhuman happiness

As a college sophomore swimming in the confusion of discovering the various manifestations of independence the springtime of adulthood has to offer, I’m making an effort to take myself out on dates every so often…. Because as I understand it, adulthood entails doing things on one’s own accord. I’ve found that this requires an actual time-management skill which I seriously lack; I can lounge around by myself anytime just fine, but to actually do something eventful with that time takes considerable training! So as part of my research for adulthood, I took the opportunity to go see the bands Superhuman Happiness and Arc Iris at Signal Kitchen by myself last Saturday.  

Notes from the field:

  • Signal Kitchen folks are chill*
    • *struggled to find a more descriptive word than “chill” but couldn’t
    • i.e. man who marked the big “X”s on my hands because I’m a baby under-21-year-old but was very pleasant; didn’t seem annoyed that I’m a baby
  • no kitchen to be found but I’m not mad about it
  • music coming from table with lots of wires and buttons on it
  • there is a person in a white lab coat fiddling with the sound equipment on stage
  • did I actually come to an underground science lab?
    • “hey can I take you out to an underground science lab sometime?” = best pick up line ever? absolutely not
  • also is it socially acceptable to leave my coat on the floor in this corner
  • free water! nice
  • more humans in labcoats appear onstage, all wearing headlamps, start to bang on various instruments in a cool klinky extended percussion intro
  • humans in labcoats introduce themselves as Superhuman Happiness! makes sense
  • labcoat-donning saxophonist hops off stage, saxophones from middle of crowd
  • female vocalist is SUPER GOOD!!!
  • whole band interacts with audience – prompts a dance circle
  • Superhuman Happiness finishes, stage empties, dancers disperse, time to chill and drink more free water
  • three figures in hooded cloaks of glimmering gold assemble at edge of stage
  • huddle together and fiddle with something until “Arc Iris” sign lights up
  • proceed to play a supercool set
  • lights, lights everywhere!!! 
  • swirly blue projections from somewhere back there makes stage look SUPER COOL
  • Conclusion = signal kitchen is cool, there are cool lights, cool outfits, cool music
    • if you’re into upbeat, intricate and whimsical-pop music, check out BOTH these bands
  • adulthood can be fun!

Signal Kitchen is a venue downtown (71 Main Street) that delves into all sorts of art with a positive social impact. Taken from their website: “Our pride of makers extends across all disciplines of creativity, specializing in event production, design, audio/video, creative management, marketing/promotion and web development.”

Superhuman Happiness is a trio from NYC, and Arc Iris originates from Rhode Island and just released their album titled Moon Saloon.