Catamounts Choose Courses: Classes to Make Your Spring 2017 Schedule AMAZING.

uvm williams hall

It’s that time of year! Your last few midterm exams are in the rearview mirror, finals are on the horizon, and you’ve even seen a course evaluation or two posted on blackboard. This can only mean one thing: class registration! The excitement that comes with planning your next semester also brings stress and confusion and the inevitable question, “What on earth do I take???” Here at UVM BORED, we can help. Here is what a few members of the BORED team suggest…


Paul – AS 096 – Design Your Life

Design Your Life is definitely one of the most unique classes at UVM. If the idea of life after college is frightening to you, you sometimes feel “stuck,” or have difficulty making decisions, then DYL is probably a class you would njoy. The class is open to juniors and seniors and will teach you all about how to navigate life and all the challenges that come with it.


Spring 2017

Professor Korsunskiy

1 credit

Tuesday 4:25-5:40

CRN: 15126


Giannina – MU 021 – Beginner Group Lessons: Djembe/Conga

Get Groovin’ AND get a performance credit with Beginner Group Lessons in African drumming: Djembe and conga! No musical talent/experience is necessary and that’s sort of the best part. You sit in a circle with a handful of students, you learn basic techniques for both types of drums, as well as some history…but for the most part, you drum. It’s a great way to relieve stress and discover your inner-groove master at the same time. It’s a learn-by-doing class and a nice change of pace from the typical classroom, and you leave with a tangible skill. In general, the music building is full of opportunities for anyone to get their creative muscles pumping, so don’t hesitate to check it out and take a class!


Spring 2017

Stephen Ferraris

1 credit

Thursdays 5:15-6:15

CRN: 11251


Ruby – POLS 21 – American Political System

Even though I’m now a senior, this intro level class is actually one of the best classes that I’ve ever taken at UVM. The election may be behind us now, but whether you are interested in politics or not, I think there’s something for everyone to lern from this class. It’s a huge overview of the American Political System, but with a big focus on current issues and events that makes it super relevant for studies across major fields. Although I’m a political science major myself, I have friends studying history, social work, sociology, English and anthropology who have also loved it. It will also fill the social science requirement for CAS students! Especially recommended professors teaching sections next semester: Prof. Gierzynski, Prof. Ewald, and Prof. Guber


Spring 2017

Professors Ewald, Gierzynski, Guber, Nelson

3 credits


Melanie – PEAC 52 – Yoga and Mindfulness

One of the most valuable classes I have taken at UVM, Yoga and Mindfulness with John McConnell is a phenomenal addition to your schedule. Whether you are an advanced yogi, or have never stepped foot on a yoga mat, this class has something to offer you. John designs each class as a combination of physical yoga practice, meditation, and what I like to call a “mental workout,” which involves discussion around a certain topic. These topics can include gratefulness, patience, breathing, improving your character, and more. The class is a great pause in your week to take a step back from your hectic schedule and reconnect with what’s important: you and your mental and physical health. I always feel refreshed, energized and positive as I leave this class each week.

Spring 2017

Professor McConnell

1 credit