Humans of UVM: Mini Skateboard Guy

A Human of UVM: Mini Skateboard Guy

a.k.a. Angelo C.  miniskateboardguy1

Welcome to UVM BORED’s first feature of Humans of UVM!

We asked some questions, the human answered.



Are you aware that people know you as mini skateboard guy? I’ve never been called mini skateboard guy, but people have definitely been like “yo you’re the dude with the tiny skateboard”

Does it have a name? This one, no.

You have multiple? I have a couple. The first one broke, unfortunately. It got run over by a car.

Do you skateboard every day? Every day, except when it snows a lot and it’s just impossible.

…..Is it fast? Yeah, best perk!

Have you ever felt betrayed by your mini skateboard? I don’t think i have, actually. If I fall off its always my fault.

Have you ever tried a handstand? Yes I have, not successfully though.. I’m working on it

Do you think you’d win in a fight against rally cat? Hmm. it depends on who’s under the suit.. Rally Cat has a lot of swag though

If you were given a pair of magic sunglasses that granted you any superpower when you put them on… which superpower would you have? It’d be to be able to find my phone, homework, anything… I lose stuff all the time. I’m that guy in my house.

Have you ever lost your skateboard? Yes! And it’s especially frustrating because I can’t skate to go find it. Sometimes I’ll go around town, then come home and realize I have absolutely no idea where my board is. 

But it always comes back? It always comes back.

miniskateboardguy2Where do you hail from? I’m from Montgomery, New Jersey. it’s about 10 min outside Princeton. It’s cool. My hometown.

Do you skate there? I try to, but it’s definitely not as fun as skating this area. It’s different here.

How? Campus is like a skatepark in its own.. something sorta special about it that I don’t feel at home in the suburbs. Honestly it probably has to do with the hills around here, I’m just trying to get sentimental.


What’s your favorite weather? In general, I like the first few spring days when the sun is shining and everyone is outside. For skating, I like really cold weather, when the ground’s all salty and icy and stuff. there’s ice chunks, slush, and it’s like an obstacle course. Also the cold air feels invigorating.


What’s your ideal breakfast? A fat plate of fries and guacamole. I guess some of the fries would be dipped in guac, but also a side of chips and ketchup would be nice.

……do you have a secret guacamole ingredient? I’m glad you asked. [sits up in chair, leans in] just a hint of banana. just a couple specs. cut a slice, mush it up and mix it in. Some people think it’s gross and I guess it depends on what type of guacamole you’re going for, but if you spread it on some bread, it’s great

Anything else you’d like to say to the humans of UVM who read this? Stay positive and good luck on all your tests this semester! Everything’s gonna be good.

*it’s called a penny board

**mini skateboard guy just sounds catchier to all us skater noobs

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