9 Ways to Enjoy a Burlington Staycation

Staying put for the spring break while everyone else lives it up in tropical locations?  Ain’t no shame in that. There’s tones to do within the #uvmmile and the BORED team has a couple ideas for everyone who can’t be lounging on beaches this spring break.  Check it out:

1. Make a Farmer’s Market feast!


We may not be drinking beachside fruity drinks or eating seafood in the sun, but we can still enjoy some delicious food! All of this free time also means that there will be more time to cook some of those recipes that I know you’ve been meaning to make…get some friends together and go on a splurge at the farmer’s market, then spend a night preparing a fabulous dinner, the pictures of which will certainly rival the sunny pics that might be taking over your social media newsfeeds!


2. Go on a self-date ♥

cat on date

The Bored Team has been championing the idea of “self-dates” this semester. Take a little time to treat yourself and make YOU feel just as special as we know you are. In fact, we’ve even compiled some ideas on the blog over here.


3. Take advantage of spring skiing and midweek deals.

Winterfest skier jumping off a cliff

It’s almost warm enough to hit the slopes in t-shirts! Though you may be sad to see the season come to a close, you can make the most of it this week while you have some free time. Sugarbush is offering Monday-Wednesday lift ticket deals to college students, too! Find out more here.


4. Burlington > Coachella: See a show!

music concert

From Higher Ground to Signal Kitchen and Radio Bean to ArtsRiot, just because students are out of town doesn’t mean the music will stop! Head out to hear tunes from some of the awesome artists that are coming through town next week or couple of the local greats. We’ve got a lot of the shows in our concerts category over here.

5. Soak in the “chill” vibes to get work done.

coffee maglianero cafeFewer people around town means that things might feel quieter than usual. Not to despair! Take advantage of it to spread out at the usually-packed Muddy Waters or Uncommon Grounds to get some stuff done. Or if you are one of the lucky few without homework over break, bring a novel or a notebook for some serene drawing or writing time.


6. Explore a new part of town!


You may not be exploring a new state or a new country, but you can still change up your environment a bit! Make a conscious effort to stay away from your “routine”, so that it really feels like you’re on vacation and not sticking to the same old things. Look in the local paper or do a couple google searches to find some interesting new places to check out, maybe coffee shops, maybe music venues, maybe new hiking spots

7. Or take the bus a little farther…


Your CatCard gives you free rides throughout Burlington, Chittenden County, and the great beyond of Vermont. Not only can you ride from campus to Church Street or the University Mall, but you can take local buses for a day trip to Montpelier, Middlebury, or the ski mountains too! Find local schedules and more info here.

8. See a free movie with a “Cats at the Movies” ticket.

roxy movies

Stop by Student Life on Monday and Tuesday mornings while school is in session to snag a free to see a movie at the Merrill’s Roxy Theater downtown! Sweet deal, huh? Find out all the deets over here. If you haven’t snagged a Cats at the Movies Ticket before break, you can still get a discount by flashing your CatCard at the ticket counter!


9. Indulge in some art and culture at the Fleming.

fleming museum

Did you know we had a museum on campus? The Fleming Museum is free to all students with presentation of your CatCard! Head over to check out the awesome permanent collection or visit the website to stop by while they are showing a special exhibition.

Happy vacation, cats!

keep us updated on your adventures in burlington or afar with #uvmboredonbreak or send us your staycation ideas at [email protected]