Humans of UVM: Unicycle Guy

Featuring Unicycle Guy

a.k.a. Scott G.

Welcome to UVM BORED’s second feature of Humans of UVM! So you see this guy everywhere, but have you talked to him? We did, and it was great. 

Are you aware that folks refer to you as the Unicycle Guy? Yeah! I like it – it’s nice being known. Random people smile when I ride by.

Does your unicycle have a name? It doesn’t… I’ve never thought about it. (Update: the unicycle has since been named Wheelz)

How long have you had this one? Since 8th grade! I have three. This one’s a mountain unicycle. It’s 29 inches, and goes faster than my 24 inch one. It’s my favorite because it’s the fastest.


How fast can you ride? Maybe 10mph? If I’m really whippin’ it.

When did you learn this miraculous skill? I’ve been riding since 6. I was mountain biking with my family, and a guy rode by us on his unicycle. I was like WOAH so he gave us his business card and I started taking lessons from him.

Awesome, what do unicycle lessons look like? It’s just in a big parking lot, with 5-10 kids riding their unicycles in big circles. They’re going backwards, off jumps, or sometimes on these big 5 foot tall ones called giraffe unicycles.

Is that as scary as it seems? Haha, yes. It’s definitely intimidating when you start off, but with progess it becomes easier. It turns into as easy as getting on a bike.

So is falling off it dangerous? Less dangerous than a bike because you can’t get caught in it.

Do you fall often? I fall on my feet pretty much every day. Actual falls, though, well I really ate it a few weeks ago, and I still have cuts on my hands. But that doesn’t happen that often. It depends on the weather – slippery stuff is not ideal.

So. Do you come from a long family history of unicyclers? I was the first, but then my sister learned.

Unicycler? Unicyclist? WHICH ONE? Either, whatever floats your boat!

ALRIGHT so what’s the secret to unicycling? (…..Does it involve drinking snakeoil)? Wear wrist guards and a helmet. And learn how to fall, ‘cus you’re definitely gonna fall. Just make sure you get back up and try again.

What do you study? Environmental engineering. I have no idea what I wanna do… just wanna save the world.

What’s your gramma like? She is a bit cranky… but I am the favorite grandchild so I cheer her up.

Do you think she could learn how to unicycle? Probably not… but if she wants to I’ll teach her.

What’s your ideal breakfast? Bowtie pasta with butter and parmesan cheese. In high school, I ate pasta for breakfast every single day. I stopped ‘cus the Grundle can’t make pasta and it scared me.

Tell me about your riskiest unicycling experience. Well, I rode down Cliff Street then decided to ride back up it…I couldn’t walk for a week. so hard on your legs.

What are the main unicycle muscles? Quads and calves, and apparently it works your core but I dunno ‘cus I still don’t have a six pack.

Would you rather be able to communicate with birds or fish? Oooh. I wanted to be a marine biologist, so probably fish.


Have you taught folks how to unicycle? Yes. the people I took lessons from opened up a unicycle birthday place. I worked there a few years – I gave lessons and worked parties.

What are unicycle parties like? A bunch of kids riding around on unicycles with training wheels. It’s pretty crazy.

So it felt like I was gonna fall backwards – is that how you fall? You get used to the feeling. You need a slightest bit of lean forward to move forward, and same with going back. It’s all in the lean. Your feet catch up to you.

Have you segwayed???? Yeah, it’s sorta similar, with the lean.

What’s the best kitchen appliance? Please defend your answer. Microwave. You can heat up SO many different types of food. At college, microwavable mac n’ cheese is my favorite.

Is unicycle-jousting a thing????? I’ve never done that but I’ve played unicycle hockey and unicycle basketball. But I would totally join a unicycle jousting tournament. (We’re lookin @ u, UVM Program Board)

Has your unicycle mentality helped you as a human? Yeah! I brought my unicycle up last year as a first year student, but I only started riding a month or two into school. I didn’t wanna get a bunch of weird looks. But once I started riding, it helped me meet people.

So do you have a favorite event around campus/the area? I really like the Farmers’ Market, and biking (and unicycling) on the bike path.

Do you have any great lifehacks you could tell me about? Yes. Go to Kountry Kart Deli as much as you can. And get the Mahoney.  It’s a sandwich with chicken tenders, mozzarella sticks, lettuce, tomato… highly recommend.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell the other humans of UVM? If you wanna take lessons, hit me up! [email protected]


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