Which Classic UVM Spring Style Are You?

Ever feel like you see the same outfits over and over again at UVM? Ever flagged someone down on campus because they were dressed JUST like your friend only to realize it was one of their many fashion doppelgängers?

With the warm weather finally here, the Bored Team put our heads together and came up with six of the most iconic spring fashions at UVM. Are you and your friends on this list? It’s okay, we only tease you because we love you. We’re all friends here.

The Classic UVM Student

The Classic UVM Student
We’ve all done this classic look before. As soon as the snow is melted (and sometimes earlier) this campus is rampant with birkenstocks. Note the reusable water bottle too – fully hydrated AND earth-conscious!

The So-Ready-for-Summer Look

The So-Ready-For-Summer Look
As soon as the temps made it over 40, you were ready to bare some skin. Burlington > Coachella, right? We don’t even know where you found those flowers already, but props for making the most of mud season.

The One Who is Always in Boat Shoes

The Salmon Shorts Guy
Casual, comfortable, probably pastel. Apparently, those are “salmon” shorts, not pink. You look like you’re ready to kick it back on a boat on Lake Champlain as soon as we make it through finals season.

 The Skate Hipster

The Skate Hipster
Sunshine means breaking out the graphic tees and whizzing around on some wheels – probably a longboard/skateboard/penny board, but maybe a cool fixie bike. Then there’s those of us that partake in this look even if we couldn’t make it more than a few meters on a skateboard…

The Outdoor Gear Fanatic

The Outdoor Gear Fanatic
We all have that one friend that always looks as though they are about to go on a rugged outdoor adventure, even if they’re only hiking to class. Are there notebooks or survival rations in that backpack?

The West Coaster

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 4.21.01 PM
You’re probably just confused about why we’re calling this “spring”. Didn’t it snow last week? You’ll probably hang on to that winter jacket for a while longer, or at least stay bundled in a cozy scarf…

Have you thought of any other classic UVM spring styles? Send ’em our way! You can get in touch at [email protected].