Humans of UVM: The Student Entrepreneur


Matt was in the kitchen chopping veggies when I walked in. “Were you able to grab chopsticks? I need them for skewers.” I hadn’t seen this text request of his before getting to his house, but something told me he’d find a way to improvise, as Matt usually does.

In his second semester of senior year at UVM, while most seniors are checked out in every sense of the word, Matt is fully engaged. Not only is he cooking up awesome meals for his friends, but he’s already putting his business degree to good use by starting and managing his very own clothing line, Indigo Intellect. You may have seen his unique style across campus, whether it’s through Matt himself or one of his fashionable friends sporting his pieces. Check out the mind of a student entrepreneur:

What’s your major?

I’m in the business school. I’m a Marketing and Entrepreneurship concentration and my theme is Entrepreneurship.

Why did you choose UVM?

My family has always been big into Vermont, I’ve always been going to ski mountains as a kid and my brother went here two years before me. It just kinda made sense to me from the beginning.

matt beier

What made you want to start a clothing business?

I’ve always been interested in fashion. When I was a freshmen, I got a campus rep position with a clothing company that taught me how to start my own brand. It got me excited about the potential to express my creativity in a fun and unique way.

Matt Beier

Why clothes?

TWO REASONS: One, I’m able to express my creativity and actually see the value in it when someone buys something and tells me it’s their favorite piece of clothing. I find it really interesting in fashion how clothing that might be, you know, a basic necessity like a t-shirt becomes so much more. Some people will value certain brands and pay more for those, even if it’s just a t-shirt. For example, some people will pay thousands of dollars for a specific brand, just because it’s a specific brand.

What is your favorite thing to wear?

That’s a tough one. Some of the first clothes I ever made were sentimental, and I have a baseball jersey that I own and love. But my favorite items definitely change as trends and seasons do.

Who is your fashion icon?

A$AP Rocky. His style is similar to what I go for. He also sets a lot of trends. He’s known in the hip hop world for his fashion sense.

matt beier


The least stylish person you know?

Oh, definitely my dad.

Breakfast meat of choice?

Uncured, thick-cut bacon. Make sure there’s a hyphen between thick-cut.

Favorite movie? 

I love A Clockwork Orange. And how do I choose between Role Models and Dodgeball?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully continuing with my clothing company somewhere in New York City. I’m from New Jersey so NYC is kinda like my backyard and I plan on being back there someday.

What’s the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to you?

I don’t know if it’s embarrassing necessarily, but I was playing little league baseball in elementary school, and as I was rounding third base, the coach said ‘slide matty slide!’ and there was a jungle gym right there and I went down the slide. My dad says it’s a shame they didn’t get it on film for America’s Funniest Home Videos, since we’d be millionaires.

Last thing you ate: 

Sushi. California roll.

You can check out Matt’s clothing line, Indigo Intellect,here.

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